Intuition or logic? Check what is your strongest point

Intuition or logic?  Check what is your strongest point

What guides you when making decisions? Do you rely on intuition or do you trust logic more? Test yourself in our quiz and find out the answer.

It is difficult to provide a clear definition of intuition. It is something like an internal compass that guides us when making everyday decisions. It is created on the basis of various experiences, emotions and beliefs. It forces us to make various choices, often contrary to generally accepted logic. Check how much you trust your intuitions and take our short test.

How does intuition work?

Intuition generally involves the rapid and unconscious processing of information reaching us from the environment. This mechanism is a facility that evolution has provided humans with. Thanks to it, we can act faster and more efficiently in everyday life, and at the same time relieve the brain, which is somehow “freed from thinking”. When we are guided by intuition, we usually (although this is not a rule) do not analyze a given situation, do not break it down into prime factors and do not think about different variants of solving the problem. We simply follow our gut feeling, believing that what our inner “voice” tells us is the best.

Intuition or reason – which is better?

Intuition is useful in many different everyday situations, especially those that require quick decision-making and, at the same time, non-standard thinking. However, it is not infallible. It may fail us. Therefore, the best solution is to combine both strategies in everyday life – making decisions in accordance with your inner intuition and logic. This is how the vast majority of people work, but in some people the voice of intuition may be stronger, in others it may be weaker.

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