Karolina Skiba: Preserving my hair was my personal victory over cancer

Karolina Skiba: Preserving my hair was my personal victory over cancer

Karolina Skiba found out about breast cancer in 2020. In an interview with “Wprost” she talks about what her fight with cancer was like, what she lost and what she never let it take away from her. – The most important thing is to try to keep as much of the life we ​​had before the diagnosis as possible – he sums up.

Our interlocutor is Karolina Skiba, master of animation pedagogy and resocialization pedagogy, enthusiast of sports and a healthy lifestyle, privately the wife of Krzysztof Skiba. Every day he is involved in various social initiatives. Supports women with breast cancer. Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Supports animal shelters.

Paulina Cywka, “Directly”: How did you find out about the disease?

Karolina Skiba: I was baling myself after a bath and felt a lump in my breast. And then my stomach started to hurt terribly. My intuition told me that something was wrong. I went for an ultrasound and the doctor who performed it told me that the next day I would need to do a biopsy because it looked very bad. And it was during the biopsy that it turned out to be cancerous.

Have you noticed any other disturbing symptoms apart from the lump in your breast?

NO. Absolutely. I had no other symptoms. On the contrary. I was healthy, very active. I led a healthy lifestyle. I ate well. My diagnosis was a shock to everyone. Nobody expected this. Me too. I cried the first hour after hearing the diagnosis. I was shocked. Later I decided that I had to approach it in a task-oriented manner. I’m a task-oriented type. I approach everything in life with a task-oriented approach. I told myself I just had to get through it.

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