Holidays 2020. QR code before going to Greece. Where to get it?

Holidays 2020. QR code before going to Greece.  Where to get it?

Greece is a popular and relatively safe holiday destination for Poles, despite the coronavirus. The government of this country opened the borders on July 1, but introduced certain restrictions. Tourists coming to Greece must have a QR code. Where to get it?

From July 1, the Greek government allowed tourists from certain countries to enter the country. People who can travel to Greece include: Polish people. Travel agencies such as Itaka, TUI, Rainbow and Grecos again offer trips for the summer 2020 season. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and WizzAir have also resumed connections with Greece. You can also fly to selected places in Greece by LOT. What should travelers remember when going to Greece?

It is mandatory for every foreigner coming to Greece to have a QR code. Where to get it? We receive the QR code no later than 24 hours before the trip after completing the form PLF (Passenger Locator Form), which can be found at: Below we present instructions for completing it.

How to complete the PLF form? – step by step instructions

The form is available in English, we also enter all information in English.

  1. To proceed to filling out the form, click the button: “Start Here”. Air passengers in the column Transportation Type they are choosing Aircraft. Then fill in the fields regarding flight details. In the field AirlineName please enter the name of the airline, ex FlightNumber – flight number, Date of Arrival – date of arrival, Point of entry in the country – destination airport, place of arrival. In the case of scheduled aircraft, this field should not be completed Private flight number. The last section does not apply to people traveling from Poland Please check if there is an internal connection flight.

  2. The next window contains the passenger’s personal data, in turn – surname, first name, middle name (if we have it), gender, age, type of ID document (ID documentType) authorizing you to cross the border (ID card or passport), telephone number, optionally – business telephone number, landline number or other telephone number and e-mail address.

  3. In the next step, fill in your residential address in Poland. The required data is: country, voivodeship, city, postal code, street, house number, apartment number. Field previously visited country (optional) We complete it if we visited another country in the 14 days preceding arrival in Greece.

  4. In the next step, complete the data regarding your place of stay in Greece, and then the contact details of the person authorized to inform you in the event of an accident. If we are traveling with people under 18 years of age, we provide their details in the next column. If we don’t come with such people, we click “continue” to the next field. If we are traveling with people who are not members of our family and do not live in the same household, in the next step we must provide their details. And that’s all. To submit the form, press the button “submit”.

  5. After submitting the form, a message appears thanking you for providing the information. Then select an option fill in the form for another person, if we want to complete the data of another participant of the trip or go back to the home pageto return to the home page.

  6. After completing the form, you will receive a response by e-mail.

  7. In a separate message, approximately 24 hours before departure we receive a QR code, which you should have with you during your flight to Greece in print or digital form – on the screen of your smartphone or other device. It is necessary to travel.

QR code

“Once the Passenger Locator Form is fully completed, a QR code will be generated. It is required to show it when boarding the plane (if the QR code is missing, the carrier may refuse to let the passenger board) and when crossing the Greek border (the code will be scanned immediately after leaving the plane). Therefore, 48 hours before departure, you should generate a QR code and have it with you – preferably in a printed version or as a saved file on your mobile device. – informs the capital’s Chopin Airport.

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