Fuel prices have gone up by 10%. within a month

Fuel prices have gone up by 10%.  within a month

Fuel prices in Poland will tend to reach the level observed in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, where the price is approximately PLN 7 per liter of fuel, but there will be no sudden increases in the coming days, says a fuel market analyst. Since the elections, the price of fuel has gone up by about 10 percent, which is not a big surprise.

Even though fuel prices are systematically going up, we still fill up at almost the cheapest rates in Europe. Drivers in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia currently pay less for Pb95 petrol. Diesel oil is cheaper only in Turkey and Bulgaria – we read in “Rzeczpospolita”.

Fuel prices. The increases did not surprise anyone

The newspaper also notes that fuel prices in our region have become significantly closer to each other. In Lithuania, petrol costs only 10 groszy more than in the Vistula region, and diesel only 4 groszy. Meanwhile, at the end of October it was about 80 groszy, and less than a month ago both fuels were more than PLN 1 more expensive in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and more than PLN 2 more expensive in Germany.

Will prices in Poland continue to rise? According to Jakub Bogucki, fuel market analyst at e-petrol.pl, drivers must take into account further increases in the coming week, but they will not be significant – a few cents per liter of fuel. This is an expected relief in a situation where fuel prices have increased by 10% in less than a month.

Those who believe that the scale of the increases is the result of political actions are right. Analysts note that Orlen could no longer keep prices at a low level (and after the elections it had no reason to do so any longer), so since the end of October the company has been systematically increasing wholesale prices. It is a dominant player in the industry, so its actions translate into the entire market.

– For about two weeks we have seen a gradual increase in the prices of all fuels, except for autogas, which has its own rules. Prices on the wholesale market are consistently going up by at least several dozen zlotys day by day and this means that we are already crossing further psychological limits that could have been expected – said Dr. Jakub Bogucki in an interview with money.pl.

It is expected that the barrier of PLN 7 per liter of fuel will be broken in the near future.

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