Donald Tusk eloquently about Poland’s match at Euro 2024. One sentence was enough

Donald Tusk eloquently about Poland's match at Euro 2024. One sentence was enough

The Polish national team says goodbye to Euro 2024. In the last match, Michał Probierz’s team faced France. The result of the meeting was commented by, among others, Donald Tusk.

The Polish national football team has no reason to be proud. Michał Probierz’s team will finish its participation in Euro 2024 in the group stage. It was known already after the first two matches that the players would take the last place in the group and would not even have a mathematical chance of advancing. The Polish players lost 2-1 to the Netherlands at the opening of the tournament, and in the all-out match they were defeated by the Austrian team 3-1.

Euro 2024. Poland-France match. Who won?

The last match – as has usually been the case in recent years at major football events – was for the White and Reds only a match for honour. The first half gave hope that Michał Probierz’s team would manage to win at least one point and not end the competition as the worst team of the tournament. The play of Kacper Urbański drew particular attention.

In the 56th minute, Kylian Mbappe’s dreams were thwarted by scoring a goal from a penalty kick. Ultimately, however, the Poles managed to draw with the Tricolor team. Robert Lewandowski scored an accurate goal from the eleven (repeated). The match ended with the score 1:1.

Euro 2024. Donald Tusk about the Poland-France match

Donald Tusk and other KO politicians commented on the Polish team’s result on social media. “Honor is honor,” the prime minister wrote on his Twitter profile. The deputy minister of justice made similar comments. “1:1 with France. Poland’s honor saved,” Arkadiusz Myrcha assessed.

Artur Łącki attempted a slightly more in-depth analysis of the result of the Poland-France match. “A 1:1 draw in the match for honour with France to wipe away the tears. A tournament to forget. Today, the great Skorupski and, above all, the young, talented Urbański. The team will benefit a lot from him in the coming years! We are out, but we managed to get at least this one point,” we read on the KO MP’s profile.

In turn, Jarosław Wałęsa decided to look for some positives in the White and Reds’ game. “We may be eliminated from Euro 2024, but there is hope for the future! 1:1 with France, well done Poles,” said the parliamentarian. He was echoed by Sławomir Nitras. “Not everything worked out, but a big thank you to our players. For us, it was a tournament after which there is hope,” noted Sławomir Nitras.

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