Kaczyński outbid Tusk. Will we be richer not only than the British, but also than the Germans?

Kaczyński outbid Tusk.  Will we be richer not only than the British, but also than the Germans?

On Thursday, May 2, the party's president, Jarosław Kaczyński, spoke during the PiS convention in Kielce. The politician assured that if only PiS wins the elections, Poles will be “visibly richer” than Germans in 10 years.

Jarosław Kaczyński's words from Kielce sounded like a reference to Donald Tusk's promise made just a day earlier. The Prime Minister wrote on Platform X about the consequences of Brexit. “While we are celebrating 20 years in the EU, a fierce debate is taking place in Great Britain caused by the World Bank's forecast that the income per capita will be higher in Poland than in the UK in 2025. And I promise this: on the 25th anniversary, Poles will be wealthier than the British. It's better to be in the EU! – he informed.

Kaczyński on Poland's development

Kaczyński touched on the same topic during his speech and emphasized that development requires an active state. – The state must actually be an institution influencing development and its direction to serve all citizens. It must be economic and social development. This is supposed to be development for the good life of Poles. This must be the task of the red and white team! – he emphasized.

– 8 years of our rule have shown that we can follow this path and do it effectively. I know that today some people try to present our government as a government of various failures, in fact one big failure. But take a look at international statistics. And you will see that it was a really great period for Poland, that people started talking about the Polish development model. And now let's ask whether those who are in power today continue this, said the PiS president.

Kaczyński on “election fraud”

– Because they promised miracles during the election campaign. They announced that this direction would not only be maintained, but also radicalized and accelerated. PLN 60,000 tax-free, half of energy prices, if only Tusk were prime minister. PLN 5.19 for petrol, you could say, there are such symbols, but also various types of wage increases, the whole story – how much better we will be under their rule – Kaczyński enumerated.

– And all this quickly, in 100 days. Those 100 days have long passed. There are plans for the coming years, there is no longer PLN 60,000 in sight, I am talking about tax-free financial plans – he added. – It was all one gigantic fraud. One gigantic fraud, which in fact meant that these elections were not a real act of democracy, but were just a great manipulation, I will repeat this word again, they were a great fraud – he said.

Kaczyński: Poles will be clearly richer than Germans

– It's not that they just don't do what they announced. They are doing much, much more against Polish development. Polish development was to be accelerated and secured by large investments. Here, CPK became the symbol. Please remember that it is not just a symbol, Kaczyński pointed out.

– The CPK operation, if established, would allow us to accelerate our growth by 1-2% each year. Someone will say that it is not much, but if you add it up, it gives a total of about 60 percent with compound interest. And do you know what that would mean? That we would be clearly richer than today's Germany if it worked out. And they do everything to prevent it from happening! – thundered the PiS leader

– Because it's not only about CPK, it's about nuclear power, the Odra River, Świnoujście, and other large investments, including foreign ones. They want to stop Poland's development on someone else's orders and we cannot allow that. And this election is about that, these elections can stop them, but on one condition that we win! – the politician emphasized.

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