The staff broom is still operating at ZUS. Changes in the supervisory board, no resolution on the position of president

An important deadline for active retirees expires in 2 weeks

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has just dismissed Łukasz Hardt from the position of head of the supervisory board of the Social Insurance Institution. His successor will be Liwiusz Laska.

The information about the cancellation was confirmed by Łukasz Hardt in an entry on the X website.

“Prime Minister Donald Tusk dismissed me as chairman of the supervisory board of ZUS. I would like to thank the other members of the Council for their cooperation, President Prof. Gertruda Uścińska and the entire management board,” he wrote.

He added that “ZUS has undergone a successful transformation in recent years and is one of the most modern public institutions, proven in operation, also during the pandemic.”

Gertruda Uścińska dismissed from the position of president of ZUS. When will the successor be?

Professor Gertruda Uścińska was dismissed from the position of president of ZUS at the beginning of January, but despite the passage of five weeks, it is still not known who will replace her. This may be because the election of the new president of ZUS is part of a broader game between the Civic Coalition and the Left. A few days ago, Business Insider Polska wrote that the dismissal of President Uścińska was quite spontaneous and the coalition partners did not “agree” on the name of the new president of ZUS at that time. According to the website, the Left wanted to push through its candidate, but the Civic Coalition does not want to give the coalition partner an institution that annually disposes of over PLN 400 billion for benefits and employs over 40,000. people and is of key importance from the perspective of the budget and the implementation of KO’s election promises (e.g. grandma’s leave and contributions holidays).

Both parties have their candidates for the position of president of ZUS. The left supports Sebastian Gajewski, deputy minister of family, labor and social policy, as well as Liwiusz Lasek, director general of the Ministry of Labor. They both have relevant experience. Gajewski was scientifically involved in social security law and was a member of, among others, Committee for Interpretations, Positions and Explanations of the President of ZUS. In turn, Laska was a member of, among others, Labor Law Codification Commission and the Supervisory Board of ZUS.

If journalists’ findings are to be believed, the Civic Coalition sees Prof. ZUS as the president of ZUS. Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, vice-rector for science and director of the Institute of Statistics and Demography of the Warsaw School of Economics, and deputy minister of labor and social policy in the first government of Donald Tusk.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Labor publicly declared that the name of the new president of ZUS will be announced this month.

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