Janeczek hits Bodnar. He wants to tell Duda about everything

Janeczek hits Bodnar.  He wants to tell Duda about everything

The deputy prosecutor general wants to meet with President Andrzej Duda. Tomasz Janeczek argues that Adam Bodnar's decisions “increase the threat to Poland's security.”

The Ad Vocem Association provided a statement from Tomasz Janeczek, deputy prosecutor general for military affairs. The prosecutor, nominated under Zbigniew Ziobro, became famous in connection with the arrest of Polish soldiers who allegedly exceeded their powers while repelling an attack by migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border.

“Due to the dramatic situation on the border with Belarus and the actions of the Minister of Justice, Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar, the consequences of which increase the threat to Poland's security, I asked the President of the Republic of Poland – Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Andrzej Duda – for a meeting,” Janeczek said in a statement.

He further explained that as deputy prosecutor general for military affairs, he is obliged to “present to the president the current, true situation in the National Prosecutor's Office and inform him about the paralysis of supervision over prosecutorial proceedings regarding Polish soldiers.”

He stated that Bodnar illegally deprived him of the ability to perform his official duties to the full extent specified in the act. “He introduced, among other things, prohibition on providing me with detailed information about ongoing proceedings. The minister's decisions were made contrary to the provisions of the Law on the Public Prosecutor's Office and violate the internal regulations of the National Prosecutor's Office,” he added..

Janeczek wants to meet the president. “Bodnar's actions increase the security threat”

“In this way, Minister Adam Bodnar prevented his Deputy for Military Affairs from conducting real supervision over the proceedings, which weakens state security during the ongoing full-scale war in Ukraine and hybrid actions carried out by the Belarusian and Russian authorities against the Republic of Poland,” he said in a statement.

He argued that he learned about the detention of Polish soldiers at the border from the media. “This is an absolutely unacceptable situation, contrary to the elementary principles in force in the Polish prosecutor's office, even caricatured. Unfortunately, it results directly and exclusively from extra-legal decisions of the Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar,” he pointed out.

Janeczek argues that due to the “blockade introduced by Adam Bodnar” he did not receive any information about this event for over a month and a half. “I did not know about the incident of shots being fired, nor about the soldiers being detained and handcuffed, nor about the initiation of proceedings in their case by the above-mentioned unit of the Prosecutor's Office. This situation violates many legal provisions,” we read in the statement.

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