Goodbye to micro-studio apartments. The minister signed the regulation

Goodbye to micro-studio apartments.  The minister signed the regulation

Greater distances between buildings, better soundproofed walls, no more so-called micro-studios, i.e. apartments with the area of ​​a large room. The minister signed the regulation and developers are calculating the costs.

In spring this year, Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda announced a regulation which, as he argued, “will hit pathetic developers.” It assumes increasing the minimum distance of buildings from the plot boundary to 5 meters. The exception concerns the situation when the adjacent plot is a publicly accessible square (there is no need to maintain any distance). The legislator wants to limit difficult neighborhoods such as production or warehouse buildings. In the case of such facilities with a built-up area of ​​over 1,000 m2, the minimum distance between the walls of a new production or warehouse building and the walls of an existing residential building or collective residence is to be 30 m.

Farewell to the so-called micro-studio

To greenen housing estates, plots intended for a publicly accessible square (over 1,000 square meters) will need to be allocated at least 20%. to a biologically active area. Children will be happy: every block or housing estate with at least 20 apartments will have a playground.

In buildings with 21-50 apartments, at least 1 square meter of space will be allocated per apartment, in buildings with 51-100 apartments, the playground will have to be at least 50 sq m, and for investments from 101 to 300 apartments, each apartment should have at least 0.5 square meters of square. More than 300 apartments in the building, the playground will have an area of ​​min. 200 sq m

Requirements for playground equipment will also be introduced.

The so-called micro-studios, i.e. apartments with an area of ​​25 m2 or smaller, are to disappear from the market. The minimum area of ​​a commercial premises in newly designed buildings will have to be no less than 25 m2. Smaller commercial premises will only be allowed to be located on the ground floor and first floor of the building, provided that there is direct access to them from the outside of the building.

Quieter apartments with access to a bicycle storage room

The apartments are also supposed to be quieter. Developers will be obliged to use partitions that meet the appropriate acoustic requirements and doors with increased acoustic insulation between two apartments in single-family residential buildings – today, similar requirements apply only to multi-family buildings.

Multi-family buildings will have to have places to store bicycles or strollers. The minimum area of ​​such rooms will be 15 square meters. It is permissible to prepare a shelter or gazebo for this purpose, i.e. move the storage room outside the building.

The solutions will appeal to customers, but less so to developers, who have been calculating the costs of their implementation since the announcement of the regulatory plans. However, the minister did not agree to far-reaching concessions – apart from postponing the entry into force of the changes for several months.

– The new solutions will come into force from April next year, which seems to be a compromise between the needs and market possibilities – said Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology.

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