Insect protein from Robakowo may be listed on the stock exchange. Who buys them?

Insect protein from Robakowo may be listed on the stock exchange.  Who buys them?

The plant in Robakowo supplies insect protein to dog and cat food producers and aquaculture companies. In the future, it may contribute to popularizing the insect diet among people. HiProMine is developing so dynamically that it is considering entering the main stock exchange floor.

For most Poles, introducing insects into the diet sounds like a completely unrealistic scenario, and yet the insect protein producer is doing so well that it first opened a factory for over PLN 200 million and is now considering going public. Ultimately, the company would certainly like people to consume food with insects, but insect protein is also used in the production of animal food and fish farming.

HiProMine. Who buys insect protein?

And this is enough for HiProMine to consider very serious investments. This was confirmed by its president, Michał Pokorski, in an interview with “Puls Biznesu”.

He cited Rabobank's research, which shows that by 2030 the insect protein market may grow to 500,000 tons, of which 150,000 tons will be for food production.

The first production lines have started. We are in the process of intensive testing of breeding conditions specific to the production of insects (Hermetia illucens species, Black Soldier Fly in English) – said Pokorski when asked about the operation of the new factory, which is located in a town with the contextual name Robakowo.

An insect protein producer is considering going public

The president added that they are not only competing with their competitors for higher volumes and larger contracts, but are also in a technological race.

– The whole world breeds insects in boxes. We use automated lines, he said. As insect feed, the company uses by-products of the agri-food industry, including fruit pomace, residues from the production of potato starch, juices and beer.

The company is trying to obtain foreign contracts and plans to build 3-5 new factories. To obtain financing, it is considering entering the Warsaw Stock Exchange. HiProMine is currently listed on New Connect.

Food with insects. Niche with potential?

A few months ago, we talked to Patryk Sienkiewicz, owner of the FoodBugs brand, about the edible insect market in Poland. He admitted that it is still a niche, so he does not have precise data.

– However, I can say that we see a regular increase in interest in our products. Undoubtedly, a common motivation for the first purchase is curiosity and the desire to try something original. Even though the first purchase can often be impulsive, we observe that most customers often come back to us – said Sienkiewicz.

We know more about Western markets, which have become somewhat familiar with insects on their plates. – In countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and France, we can buy insect products in many supermarkets and gyms. In restaurants you can find hamburgers with cricket flour. I think that in two years it may be similar in Poland, my interlocutor explained.

Healthy diet with insects

For some people, insect-based products become an everyday part of their diet, for others it is a snack and an interesting idea for a surprising gift for their loved ones, he says.

Insects contain quite a lot of protein and this is a common reason why people on a high-protein diet choose them. For example, 100 grams of grasshopper usually contains 14 to 28 grams of protein. It's 25-60 percent. recommended daily intake from such a small portion. The same serving of red ants also provides about 14 grams of protein, and as much as 71 percent. recommended daily iron intake. Crickets, beetles and caterpillars are also great sources of these nutrients. Yellow mealworms have more iron than chicken or pork. Anyone who wants to provide their body with more zinc should choose caterpillars and edible crickets.

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