Incident at the farmers' protest in Warsaw. A “bonfire of vests” was created

Incident at the farmers' protest in Warsaw.  A "bonfire of vests" was created

In Warsaw, at Plac Defilad, a dangerous incident occurred during a farmers' protest.

On February 27, farmers organized the Starry March on Warsaw. According to, the organizers estimated the number of protesters at approximately 50,000, taking into account the number of reports.

A dangerous incident on the march

At one point, at the beginning of the march, a dangerous situation occurred. Several participants took off their reflective vests and placed them on top of each other on the asphalt. They gathered around them and set them on fire. It all happened on Pl. Parades. The event was filmed by Wirtualna Polska reporters.

Dark smoke rose from the fire. It is worth adding that these types of vests are often made of 100%. made of polyester. Inhaling burning material is not very healthy.

Eventually, the fire was extinguished by the uniformed officers who decided to intervene. However, the farmers decided to set the vests on fire again – this time using flares.

Warsaw. Farmers carry a white and red coffin. They are dragging a straw tank behind them

Before noon, the farmers moved along Emilii Plater Street, through Aleje Jerozolimskie, Rondo de Gaulle'a, pl. Trzech Krzyży, ul. Wiejska and Al. Ujazdowskie. Journalists present drone photos on the X platform, which show how many people took part in the protest. Although there are no official statistics, compared to the Independence March, the number was 50,000. participants seems to be overestimated.

There are also various incidents that evoke very different emotions. Someone brought a white and red coffin to the march. Someone else – which made many people smile – made a straw tank. It was called Agro Abrams.

Miners also participate in the march

Piotr Barejka, a journalist of the weekly “Wprost”, informed on X that miners are also participating in the protest. According to trade unionists from the Wujek mine, there are several hundred of them in Warsaw.

Currently, the march is heading towards the Sejm building. The streets where farmers started their march are slowly becoming passable, as reported by the Warsaw Police. It's about the street. Emilii Plater and areas between Al. Jerozolimskie and ul. Świętokrzyska.

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