The stock market is not as scary as it is painted? “For many it was a discovery”

The crisis weakened the Chinese currency.  Juan hasn't been this low in a long time

Most Poles associate the stock exchange with difficulty and a complicated procedure. – Today it is all simple – explains Ludwik Sobolewski, former president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, currently a business advisor and partner at Qualia Advisory, in an interview with Wprost.

Investing in the stock market is becoming easier with the digitization of access to services. However, this does not mean that you should start buying shares without any preparation. – We cannot say that we will buy some shares and be satisfied, because it may be different. We can be both extremely frustrated and amazed that it turned out so fantastically. A basic user manual is definitely needed, says Ludwik Sobolewski.

The stock market is getting easier

– The stock exchange makes sure that access to customers is as easy as possible. This does not mean easy, because we have a lot of regulations, both EU and domestic, which are aimed at protecting the type of investor we are talking about today, i.e. the non-professional one. The regulations go towards treating the investor as a consumer, said Sobolewski.

– The stock market is supposedly simple for people, but for many it is a discovery – he adds, but warns that you need to prepare in advance to start investing.

PLN 100 is enough

According to the expert, regularity in investing, even small amounts, is much more important than the volume of the portfolio. “What is important here is not so much the amount of money that we will allocate once, but rather our readiness and ability to, say, once a month, allocate a small amount, PLN 100 or PLN 200, for investment purposes or to use solutions that make perfect sense in Poland. , allowing us to save for old age, like individual retirement accounts,” says Ludwik Sobolewski in an interview with

– Even with a small amount of money, you can do something meaningful if you do it systematically and over a long period of time – he explains.

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