Farmers' protest in Warsaw. There were no incidents. Three people were detained

Farmers' protest in Warsaw.  There were no incidents.  Three people were detained

The police are still investigating the protest of farmers who passed through Warsaw. However, they initially reported how many people were detained.

On Tuesday, approximately 10,000 people marched through Warsaw. farmers. This number was announced by Rafał Trzaskowski – the mayor of Warsaw – on Polsat News. There were incidents during the march, some of which required the intervention of the services.

Three participants of the event were detained

We reported live on what was happening at the Starry March. Already at the beginning of the event, the first potentially dangerous event took place – participants took off their reflective vests and then set them on fire – which was filmed by, among others, Wirtualna Polska team. The uniformed officers controlled the flames, but the farmers again lit a fire using their vests – burning them with flares.

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, the spokeswoman for the Social Police Headquarters, Commissioner Marta Gierlicka, said that during the gathering, the police “detained three people in total.” – Two of them were detained for violating the bodily integrity of a police officer, another for drugs – she said.

However, she added that it is currently not possible to fully summarize what happened at the event because the police are still investigating. However, despite several incidents, comm. Gierlicka estimates that the demonstration was basically “safe”.

It is also worth mentioning the farmers' original ideas, which aroused various emotions – although they are not incidents. The farmers brought a coffin with them, which they painted with red and white paints. Others brought a large tank made of straw.

Warsaw. The 68-year-old protester was taken to hospital

As Polsat News reminds, one of the disturbing situations also involved a 68-year-old man. Near the de Gauell roundabout, Warsaw police officers helped him because his health condition had suddenly deteriorated. Ultimately, he was transported to a nearby medical facility, the services informed via social media.

It is also worth mentioning another situation that cannot be called an incident, but a mistake. According to Interia, the farmers were to walk from Plac Defilad, through Aleje Jerozolimskie, Rondo de Gauella and then march through Nowy Świat Street, Plac Trzech Krzyży and pass the Sejm building. Then from ul. Wiejska go towards ul. Piękna and Al. Ujazdowskie to reach the Prime Minister's Office.

However, from Plac Defilad they went to the Dmowski roundabout, where they were supposed to turn left – to the de Gauell roundabout, but instead they headed towards the Central Railway Station. Then they realized that they had made a mistake and, at the Warszawa-Śródmieście station, they turned in the right direction, but this took some time.

Interestingly, after returning to the Dmowskiego roundabout, the farmers set off, although the vehicle with a sound system that guided the event participants had not yet arrived on site. The services appealed to the marchers to wait for the vehicle, but they did not want to agree and moved forward.

Kierwiński spoke about the Starry March in the capital

On Polish Radio, Minister Marcin Kierwiński also assessed the march positively. In his opinion, the organizers “behaved very responsibly.”

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