“My grandchildren will debate euthanasia because of their loneliness. If we don’t change anything, we will die.”

Single people have difficulty distinguishing real people from fictional characters.  Tests

Our loneliness can be examined by asking a simple question: “how many satisfying contacts do you have?” Usually, research shows that women have half as many such relationships as men, which gives us a prediction for the future that the epidemic of loneliness will affect men to a greater extent – warns prof. Wojciech Kulesza, social psychologist from SWPS University. – A social ice age is coming – he emphasizes in an interview with “Wprost”.

Krystyna Romanowska: Will we die of loneliness?

Prof. Wojciech Kulesza: Please don’t ask “if”, but when? The answer is: We are already dying. If we do nothing, our grandchildren will die of loneliness.

And what will such dying look like?

Vivek Murthy, a national surgical consultant in the US, published a report in May this year that focused entirely on loneliness, pointing to the resulting public health crisis. What can we read in this report?

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