The surgeon allegedly hit the patient. Shocking recording revealed

The surgeon allegedly hit the patient.  Shocking recording revealed

Doctor Ai Fen published a video showing the behavior of a doctor operating on a patient’s eyes. During the procedure, the doctor allegedly hit her several times.

The situation was supposed to take place in 2019, but the recording that so outraged the Chinese media and citizens was published online only in the second half of December 2023. The BBC reports that they were shared by Dr. Ai Fen – a popular doctor in China, who is followed by almost 2 million Internet users on Weibo (the eastern equivalent of X/Twitter).

The doctor hit the patient three times?

The man allegedly suddenly hit the 82-year-old patient on the head, although some believe it was an attempt to hold her in the right position to continue the operation. However, the video clearly shows that he used a lot of force – until the patient bent her body and a nurse assisting the doctor had to intervene. “According to the statement, she repeatedly moved her head and eyeballs,” reports the BBC, which was apparently her reaction to the substance administered to numb the operated site.

The British television editorial team explains that the 82-year-old did not understand what the doctor who was trying to control her was saying to her. The surgeon spoke Mandarin, while the woman only knew the local dialect.

The hospital paid compensation. The doctor and the head of the facility lost their jobs

The woman later complained to her son about the doctor’s behavior. He explained that the hospital management apologized for the surgeon’s behavior and paid 500 yuan (a little over PLN 275) as “compensation”. The man says that his mother is blind in one eye, but at the moment there is no evidence that this is due to the scandalous behavior of the Chinese doctor.

Aier China issued a statement regarding the incident. It explained that the hospital management did not inform the company’s authorities about the entire incident. A doctor was also suspended and the general director of the hospital in Guiang, where a serious incident occurred in one of the operating rooms, was fired. Local media report that after the surgery, the 82-year-old reportedly had marks on her forehead where she had been hit.

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