Iga Świątek outside the Australian Open. A gigantic sensation

Iga Świątek outside the Australian Open.  A gigantic sensation

The Australian Open 2024 is full of sensations. Unfortunately, Iga Świątek scored another one. Unfortunately, she unexpectedly lost to Linda Noskova.

No tennis fan expected such a turn of events. Iga Światek was the clear favorite in the fight with young Linda Noskova. Despite winning the first set, the Pole says goodbye to the Australian Open. The Czech played the match of her life, winning 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

Iga Świątek outside the Australian Open

Świątek started the match by winning her own serve, but a moment later she had problems and was close to losing the service game. However, the Pole quickly equalized the score, without finally leading to a break in favor of Noskova. Both players held their own serves, which made the first set a close game. The sixth game proves how great the competition was. Światek could have ended it quickly by breaking her opponent. However, she did not give up easily, leading to a long game of advantage. Ultimately, Świątek won the fight, breaking Noskova for the first time. The Czech won one more game, but the game ultimately belonged to the ranking leader (6:3).

Noskova, ranked 50th in the ATP ranking, started the second game with a service ace. She kept the pass, but needed an advantage to do so. While the Polish representative confidently won games on her serve, her opponent had to work hard not to be broken. This was the case in the fifth game, in which the fans saw the score 40:40 four times. To the fans’ surprise, the break took place, but in favor of Noskova. The Czech played a flawless eighth game, in which Światek, despite her own serve, did not score even a point. The Pole was losing 3:5, and after a few moments she had to prepare for the third set, because the emboldened Noskova finally won 6:3.

The third game started with Noskova’s triumph. Additionally, a few minutes later, she broke Światek for the second time in the match, which was a big warning sign for the Pole. She took advantage of the moment of confusion in the match and listened to the advice of coach Tomasz Wiktorowski. She quickly equalized by breaking Noskova. Both tennis players played very fiercely. 19-year-old Noskova, who has not yet achieved any results in adult tennis, showed no sign of stage fright. She maintained mental stability all the time. This was evidenced by the seventh game, in which Noskova again broke Iga Świątek. Certainly, no fan of the best tennis player in the world expected such problems. The Czech reached 5:4 with her serve. Later, she added a winning game that gave her the victory. The women’s tennis sensation of 2024 has become a fact.

Linda Noskova is waiting for her opponent

In the next round of the Australian Open, Linda Noskova will play against the winner of the fight between Elina Svitolina and Viktorija Golubic. The Ukrainian, ranked 23rd in the WTA ranking, is the favorite.

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