A talented athlete asks for help. He may not return to sports

A talented athlete asks for help.  He may not return to sports

The talented athlete Krzysztof Różnicki has not been able to regain full strength since 2021. The athlete is still struggling with an injury that excludes him from sports. The only hope for the 20-year-old is an expensive surgery in London. The European junior champion decided to ask for help.

The Polish athlete is fighting to return to sport. Krzysztof Różnicki is considered one of the great talents specializing in middle-distance running. Even though he is only 20 years old, the athlete has already achieved many successes. In 2019, he took second place at the European Youth Olympic Festival. A year later, he won gold in the Polish senior championship over the same distance, and in 2021 he became the European junior champion.

Last chance for a talented athlete

Just when it seemed that his career was going in the right direction, it was unfortunately stopped by an injury. Since starting at the junior European Championships in Tallinn, Różnicki has been visiting doctors instead of training. In the summer of 2021, his regular training had to be interrupted due to pain around the insertion of the Achilles tendon.

So far, the athlete has undergone two procedures and seemed to be recovering. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved and, as it turns out, another procedure abroad will be necessary. It is very expensive, so the athlete posted an entry on his Instagram in which he provided a link to a collection to finance this procedure.

“Hi, I have been struggling with the problem for a long time. Unfortunately, after various treatment attempts, I am forced to undergo a third surgery. This is my last chance to return to sports and normal functioning without pain. A detailed description of the situation can be found in the description of the collection. Thank you very much for every entry, payment and sharing in advance,” Różnicki wrote on Saturday on Instagram.

From the description of the competition we learn that the athlete is trying to collect PLN 110,000. PLN for Achilles tendon surgery in London. At the time of publishing this article, less than 20,000 had been collected. zloty.

The young athlete still believes in returning to sport

Despite his health problems, Różnicki constantly performs alternative training on a bike, swimming pool or gym, maintaining his figure as if he were in the peak of his life on the treadmill.

“Despite so many disappointed hopes, he still believes and continues to fight, waiting in the blocks for the long-awaited shot of the starter. We are convinced that if we help this to happen, the athlete will start running with unprecedented motivation and a mentality that will no longer be able to be broken by any difficulties, which are abundant on the path of a professional athlete,” we read.

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