A new tourist attraction in Poland. From the castle tower we can see the beach and mountains

A new tourist attraction in Poland.  From the castle tower we can see the beach and mountains

The first tourists will have the opportunity to climb to the top of the tower in the next month. A breathtaking view of the Tatra Mountains and the Dunajec River awaits us.

The rebuilt observation tower will be built on the site of the ruins of the 14th-century castle in Melsztyn, located just one kilometer from the charming beach on the Dunajec River. The investment was handed over to the city after 5 years of construction worth PLN 5 million. We know when the first tourists will enter the castle.

There are no ruins, there is a magnificent castle tower

“It has always been said that there are ruins of a castle in Melsztyn. Now we can finally say that there are no more ruins, but there is a magnificent castle tower. I finally lived to see it,” said the mayor of Melsztyn, Józef Franczyk, in an interview with tarnow.naszemiasto.pl. On December 20, the 28-meter observation tower was accepted on the site of the medieval ruins of a castle located in a small town in the Tarnów district. Melsztyn, located right on the bank of the Dunajec River, is the gateway to the Beskid Sądecki and Wyspowy mountain ranges located to the south. If the visibility is good, we can even see the Tatra Mountains from the top. The new tower has five floors and a roof that will allow you to admire the views even during unfavorable weather conditions. This is another attraction of this type put into operation recently. Recently, we informed about the opening of the observation tower in Moszczenica, from the top of which we can see the Bieszczady, Tatra and Beskid Mountains at the same time.

We know when the first tourists will climb the tower

Although the main part of the investment has been completed, entry to the attraction has not yet been opened to visitors. We asked the Zakliczyn Commune Office for the latest information on tour costs and the planned opening date. “We would like to complete all minor works on the premises, such as installing monitoring. We also plan to rebuild two floors of the buttress. The tower remains closed to tourists for now, but it should open at the turn of January and February,” says Magdalena Głowacka, the commune’s investment representative. “At the moment we do not know whether entry fees will be introduced. It all depends on the mayor,” he adds.

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