How much does an influencer earn? According to the vast majority of Poles – too much

How much does an influencer earn?  According to the vast majority of Poles – too much

Almost 70 percent Poles who took part in the study believe that the earnings of influencers are too high. And this is just the beginning of interesting statistics.

We live in times when the vast majority of people born after 1995 – and those who are currently in the early stages of education – openly declare that their dream profession is an influencer. This means that in the near future, instead of doing something useful or praiseworthy, they intend to appear in front of the camera to. then post it on the internet.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to conclude that this will be high-quality content. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of these 70 percent it will not gain enough popularity on the Internet to earn enough money to support itself. In some time, maybe even in a few years, this will certainly be a big problem for modern society.

Poles choose the best and worst professions

According to the report “Ranking of professions 2024. How do Poles rate selected professions?” prepared by No Fluff Jobs, the worst-rated and most overpaid profession is, after all, politicians.

The report states that as many as 86 percent respondents believe that politicians earn too much. In 70 percent of them, this profession evokes negative associations, and 39 percent believes that this work is of little importance to society.

Influencer and politician earn too much

Definitely the most, as much as 86%. respondents believe that politicians in Poland earn way too much money. They were right behind them, with a result of 69%. the mentioned influencers (ex aequo with lawyers!)

According to 61 percent respondents, the profession of an influencer has low social importance

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