Italian women dazzle with their beauty. How do they maintain their beautiful figure in a country famous for pizza and pasta?

Italian women dazzle with their beauty.  How do they maintain their beautiful figure in a country famous for pizza and pasta?

When we think of Italy, we immediately think of its wonderful cuisine, which is impossible to resist. So how do Italian women take care of their figure? A few “nutritional tricks” make them look really beautiful.

Italy is famous primarily for its delicious cuisine. Delicious pastas are the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of this country, and excellent cheeses are an integral part of Italian dishes. Pizza, on the other hand, is considered a national dish. How to maintain a perfect figure with all these delicacies? While this may seem abstract, there are clever nutritional tricks that make it possible.

Coffee is the secret of a beautiful figure of Italian women

Italians drink a lot of strong coffee. They usually start the day with a macchiato or cappuccino. After a few hours, another coffee is drunk – usually espresso. It’s similar after lunch – then you get an “energy boost” in the form of espresso. Additional coffees are also drunk during social gatherings. This habit is certainly important for the figure of Italian women. It is known that coffee supports weight loss – it is low in calories and accelerates metabolism. Additionally, this aromatic drink helps suppress your appetite, and the goal of losing weight is to create a caloric deficit. Remember, however, that you cannot overdo the amount of coffee you drink, as it may have a negative impact on your health.

Slimming products used by Italian women

The key to a great figure is, among other things, the Mediterranean diet, which helps you lose weight. It consists mainly of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. In this country, even if you eat pasta, the dish is often preceded by a starter, which consists of, for example, vegetables marinated in olive oil or lettuce sprinkled with vinaigrette sauce.

Olive oil is extremely popular in Italy. The compounds it contains not only reduce the risk of heart disease, but also accelerate metabolism. In addition, olive oil is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Including it in your diet helps you maintain an appropriate weight, but remember that moderation is also important here (20-50 ml of extra virgin olive oil is an appropriate daily portion). Additionally, olive oil is recommended, but instead of other fats.

Fresh tomatoes are also a staple of the Italian diet, and they consist mostly of water (about 90 percent). Therefore, they are low in calories, and they also contain a lot of dietary fiber, which makes us feel full for longer. They are also a rich source of potassium, which helps regulate the body’s water management. This way, it is easier to get rid of excess fluids retained in the intertissue spaces.

How to eat to avoid gaining weight? Italian ways

The secret of Italian women’s figure also lies in moderation. Although it is common to serve antipasto (starter) with the meal, and often also dessert, the average portion is much smaller than, for example, in the United States. Of course, there are also many “food sins”, a good example here is eating large amounts of pasta. However, it is served al dente, which makes it easier to digest. In turn, the sauces with which it is served are rich in a large amount of fresh and quality ingredients. These include fish, seafood, tomatoes, but also vegetables and, of course, olive oil. Additionally, such Italian sauces usually do not contain animal fats (such as butter or cream). What’s more, Italians do often eat pasta, but after eating one such large meal a day, the remaining paste is very light.

In Italy you don’t eat in a hurry (unlike other countries). It is a tradition to sit down at the table and celebrate meals together. It is an opportunity to meet and have interesting conversations. The key to success in maintaining a beautiful figure is also knowing when to stop eating – that is, following the principle of moderation in eating. When Italians are full, they say “basta cosi”, which means “that’s enough”.

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