Magdalena Stysiak likes this at Fenerbahce. He talks about the “Polish mafia”

Magdalena Stysiak likes this at Fenerbahce.  He talks about the "Polish mafia"

Magdalena Stysiak exchanged Vero Voley Milano for Fenerbahce Istanbul before the season. In the new club, he cooperates with the coach of the Polish national team, Stefano Lavarini. The leading figure of the White and Reds drew attention to the great advantage of playing in Turkey, mentioning the “Polish mafia”.

Magdalena Stysiak is one of the key figures in Stefano Lavarini’s Polish national team. Thanks to her, the White and Reds won the bronze medal in the Nations League and qualified for next year’s Olympic Games. Right after the competition in Łódź, she had a short vacation, and then she had to go to Istanbul to prepare for the season with Fenerbahce.

Magdalena Stysiak talks about the “Polish mafia” in Fenerbahce

The Pole has been competing in Serie A for recent years. After the 2022/2023 season, she changed her environment, joining the Turkish team considered one of the best teams in the world. The Turkish champion also signed Stefano Lavarini, who had previously looked after Igor Gorgonzola Novara for three years. The pair are doing very well in the new club, as they lost only one match – against Eczacibasi Istanbul, where another representative, Martyna Czyrniańska, has been playing since the current competition.

The Italian took with him two coaches from the Polish team – assistant Krystian Pachliński (previously working at Grot Budowlane Łódź) and physical preparation coach Bartosz Groffik (previously Volley Wrocław). Additionally, they can count on the help of Dariusz Stanicki, who has been the team’s manager for years. In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy, Stysiak talks about the “Polish mafia”. The Polish woman really likes the presence of her compatriots because it allowed her to acclimatize quickly. Additionally, she praised Stefano Lavarini for great contact.

– As for the coach, I can say that I love him. Stefano is a great man, we have great trust in each other and we get along great. He demands a lot from me, but I like it because it will definitely bring results in the national team. Both sides know what to expect from each other and you should only look for advantages in it. There are also several other Poles in the club, such as assistant coach Krystian Pachliński and Dariusz Stanicki, who has lived in Turkey for 33 years and has been the team’s manager since 2005. I laugh that we have our own Polish mafia in Fenerbahce.

Magdalena Stysiak’s career

Magdalena Stysiak left the Polish league in 2019. She first played for Savino Del Bene Scandicci and later for Vero Volley Monza. After the last European Championships, she was chosen the best winger of the event.

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