Szmydt associated with the hooligan community? New thread regarding the judge's escape

Szmydt associated with the hooligan community?  New thread regarding the judge's escape

The secret services are checking what Tomasz Szmydt's activity within the fan circles was – RMF FM found out. Before escaping to Belarus, the judge was allegedly associated with the “ultras”.

Tomasz Szmydt escaped to Belarus and asked the local authorities for political asylum. The case was taken up by the prosecutor's office and the secret services, which are investigating the judge's previous activities. RMF FM's latest findings show that they are checking, among other things, what his fan activity consisted of.

Tomasz Szmydt's escape. New thread

The radio station reported that Szmydt was supposed to be associated with the “ultras” community – fans who support their favorite teams the loudest and with the greatest commitment. For this reason, the services decided to check whether he had any influence on fueling anti-Ukrainian sentiments at stadiums.

These include banners that opposed providing further support to Ukraine. Such situations allegedly occurred in the stands of the Śląsk Wrocław club stadium. Now the services will check whether Szmydt wanted to carry out similar actions in Warsaw.

The services are monitoring the judge's activities

The services' activities will also include the brutal attack on Leonid Volkov. The Russian oppositionist was attacked by Poles, including Maksymilian K. According to RMF FM, the man is an ardent Legia fan, so it was decided to check whether he had any contact with Szmydt. The case will also be investigated in terms of the transfer of illegal migrants by selected hooligans.

As Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said earlier, the services are also looking into Szmydt's previous trip to Belarus. The judge was to leave the country for a few days, which was not recorded during the rule of Law and Justice. The politician also informed that the case was already being investigated by the prosecutor's office, and the Supreme Administrative Court would also deal with it.

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