Who will be the Minister of Finance? Leszek Balcerowicz has his favorite

Who will be the Minister of Finance?  Leszek Balcerowicz has his favorite

There are ongoing speculations regarding the division of positions in the new government, which will probably be formed by the KO-Trzecia Droga-Lewica coalition. Leszek Balcerowicz was chosen as his favorite to take over the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

Politicians from the parties that are likely to form the future government carefully avoid answering questions about the division of positions. However, the unofficial name exchange has already started. Former deputy prime minister and head of this ministry, Leszek Balcerowicz, indicated his favorite to take over the portfolio of finance minister.

Petru for Finance Minister?

According to Professor Balcerowicz, Ryszard Petru, former head of Nowoczesna, who ran from the Third Way list, would be best suited to take over the helm of the Ministry of Finance.

“In my scientific activity, I had many master’s and doctoral students. I consider Ryszard Petru among the best. Thanks to his own campaign, he became an MP. PiS left the state finances in a bad condition. The new government needs a strong and competent minister of finance,” Balcerowicz wrote on the X platform, the former Twitter.

Name exchange

According to information from some politicians of the so-called democratic opposition, behind-the-scenes talks regarding the formation of a new government have already started. The key element of this type of negotiations is the appointment of managerial positions in ministries. For now, there are no leaks about the favorites, but the group of candidates to manage some of the ministries seems to be quite narrow. This is the case, among others, in the case of the Ministry of Finance.

The main favorite, indicated by most experts, is Andrzej Domański. The candidate of the Civic Platform, who got to the Sejm from Warsaw, calls himself an “economy man”. “The economy is already responding well to the election results. But there’s a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s get to work!” – he wrote on the X website, in an entry in which he boasted about his election result.

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