The tourist was drawn into the quicksand. “I couldn't feel the bottom”

The tourist was drawn into the quicksand.  "I couldn't feel the bottom"

A very dangerous incident occurred on a popular beach in Maine. A tourist was caught in quicksand while walking. The woman reported that she sank up to her hips in the sand and was unable to get out.

Tourists traveling in the United States are attracted not only by Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. They also like to visit one of the beaches, which is famous for its huge amounts of shifting sand. Located east of Portland and located in a Maine state park, Popham Beach hosts up to 225,000 visitors each year. people.

Unfortunately, accidents also happen here. Walkers have often fallen victim to the local nature. A woman recently found this out when she was caught in quicksand.

A hiker caught in quicksand

Jamie Acord was walking along Popham Beach with her husband last weekend when she suddenly “fell like a stone” and buried herself up to her hips in the sand.

“I can't leave,” she screamed.

The tide was high and the ocean was swallowing the beach. Her husband reacted quickly and quickly pulled her out. Then they watched together as the place where she had buried herself was filled with water and sand.

“I couldn't feel the bottom,” Acord said. “I couldn't find any support,” she added.

This is not the first such incident

According to officials, there have been several accidents related to quicksand here this year alone. “We had a few people get caught in the sand and it got them up to their ankles, knees and even up to their waists,” park manager Sean Vaillencourt told WGME CBS 13.

Shifting sand in a Maine park is nothing new, but recent storms have changed the direction of a nearby river and pushed it closer to the beach. Now it is filled with sand, which is often walked on by beachgoers. Park rangers said they will soon put up signs warning people about the sinkholes, WGME reports.

Anyone encountering quicksand should remain calm, remove any heavy objects, and then lean forward or backward to disperse some of the sand and feel more free to move. Then you should try to get out or call for help.

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