New boarding system. Great comfort for passengers with a window seat

New boarding system.  Great comfort for passengers with a window seat

No more squeezing between passengers. The airline is introducing a new facility that will especially please passengers who choose a seat with a view.

Well-known airlines will give priority to passengers choosing window seats. The new option will reduce the time needed to board the plane and minimize chaos on board. This is another service that improves and shortens travel time, following another interesting facility recently presented at a German airport.

United makes air travel easier

Boarding a plane involves a lot of pressure to quickly occupy the seat indicated on your boarding pass. A large number of people boarding at the same time causes congestion, especially if passengers try to put their hand luggage on the upper shelf or talk to a traveling companion who has been assigned a different seat. People push each other, causing chaos and slowing down the check-in process.

United Airlines decided to solve this troubling problem and introduced a special division of passengers, according to which those with window seats will be among the first to board. Thanks to this method, it will be possible to avoid the crush caused by passengers who have to get out of the middle seats to let other people sitting further from the aisle pass.

The airline will save you extra minutes

The new boarding system will launch on October 26. According to him, passengers will be divided into seven priority boarding groups, starting with those who need assistance: including: travelers with disabilities and children traveling without parental supervision. First and business class passengers will board next. Until this point, the system does not differ from the current one. The change applies to subsequent groups of passengers who will board the plane “ranked” in the following order: window seats, entrance rows, middle seats and aisle seats.

How much time will this innovation save? According to – two whole minutes. It’s probably not much, but introducing even such a small change can have a significant impact on the travel comfort of the airline’s customers.

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