France is following in Germany’s footsteps. Introduces a special train ticket

France is following in Germany's footsteps.  Introduces a special train ticket

From the next holiday in France, a monthly train ticket will be in force, thanks to which passengers will be able to travel unlimited on regional or long-distance trains for a fixed, low price. A similar solution was introduced a few months ago by Germany.

French Transport Minister Clément Beaune announced the introduction of a special monthly train ticket. – French people, regardless of their age, will be able to buy this ticket and travel unlimited on regional or long-distance trains for a fixed, low price – the head of the transport ministry explained in an interview with France 2.

Special train ticket in France. Germany already has it

The ticket is supposed to be next from next year’s holiday. It will not cover the TGV high-speed railway. Beaune noted, however, that his department intends to develop the offer of low-cost trains (Ouigo), because “TGV ticket prices are too high for many families.” However, it cannot be ruled out that the ticket will work in public transport (buses, subways and trams) in large cities. The ticket will cost EUR 49 per month (approx. PLN 225).

As “Gazeta Wyborcza” reminds, a similar solution was introduced in Germany this spring. The ticket price is also EUR 49 per month. The newspaper points out that the service may resemble a gym subscription – passengers pay monthly, but undertake to pay the fee throughout year.

The German ticket does not cover long-distance trains (with a few exceptions) or buses, but public and regional transport. It entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys and is valid throughout the country.

According to the data presented in mid-June by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), 11 million people bought the ticket immediately after its launch.

“Wyborcza” points out that the pioneer of this type of subscription train tickets is Austria, where the term “climate ticket” (Klimacket) is used – to emphasize that the purpose of replacing the car with public transport is climate protection. From 2021, an annual ticket is available in Austria for EUR 1095. It is used by 245,000 passengers out of 9 million citizens.

Will there be a minimum price for airline tickets?

As we have already reported, the French Minister of Transport recently announced in an interview with the weekly “L’Obs” that a “minimum price for air tickets” should be introduced in the European Union. The politician announced that he would soon present a proposal on this matter to his counterparts in the EU. – Airline tickets for 10 euros during the ecological transition are no longer possible. This does not reflect the cost to the planet. Moreover, cheap tickets do not cover the real environmental costs of air travel, which emits significantly more greenhouse gases than train travel – Beaune said.

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