Armed Kolchak photographed in Oborniki. The spider is poisonous and dangerous

Armed Kolchak photographed in Oborniki.  The spider is poisonous and dangerous

The spider mite is a venomous spider whose bite can cause health problems in humans. “I would rather not meet this guy at the forester’s lodge,” the forester wrote, attaching a photo of a dangerous spider photographed in the forest near Oborniki.

The armed spider is one of the few spiders found in Poland whose venom causes poisoning – lasting up to two weeks. ” The hemolysins it contains cause inflammation, burning pain, nausea and even dizziness” – explains on Facebook Marcin Kubiak, a forester of the Oborniki Forest District, who found a spider in the forest. In humans, the venom causes long-term pain, weakness and chills. Bite symptoms may last up to two weeks. ” Females in particular can be aggressive when defending their offspring” – he adds.

Armed echidnas live in Poland, but they are quite rare here. This spider is much more abundant in southern Europe. ” Formerly rare, occurring mainly in southern Europe, it migrates northwards probably due to dry, hot summers favoring its development.” – we read on the forest district’s profile. – We are surprised to find this spider here because it has never been there before – Jarosław Bator from the Oborniki forest district tells Gazeta Wyborcza.

According to the daily, in July such a spider was seen near Wrocław. Under the photo of the female photographed in the Oborniki Forest District near Poznań, commentators also post other photos of spiders, suggesting that it has recently also been seen in other parts of Poland.

Armed Kolchak

The spider spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium) is a species of spider from the spider family found in Europe and western and central Asia. In Poland, this spider is rare and encounters with it are sporadic.

The spider inhabits warm, open areas covered with tall grass, herbs and shrubs, such as meadows, railway embankments and road edges. This species builds a characteristic spider-web-like structure, the size of a pigeon’s egg, which serves as a shelter, and also as a place for females to lay eggs and protect the young. Females defending eggs or young are particularly aggressive.

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