Awareness of ecological responsibility

Awareness of ecological responsibility

In their daily business activities, state-owned enterprises do not forget to support socially important initiatives. They actively work not only for local communities, but also for the environment. The Enea Group, one of the leaders in the electricity market, is involved in the implementation and support of ecological projects that protect ecosystems, their fauna and flora.

Enea’s goal is sustainable development throughout the entire value chain, from mining through production, distribution and sale of electricity, and using the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

– Sustainable development is a key issue for the entire planet, and the specific nature of our activities requires us to pay special attention to the natural environment and the local communities in which we operate – noted Paweł Szczeszek, president of Enea.

To help protected birds

One such example is the protection of osprey breeding sites. Only about 30 pairs of these birds nest in Poland, which means that this species is at risk of complete extinction.

In their natural environment, ospreys build nests on fragments of old, tall trees, and once a nesting site is chosen, a pair of this species occupies it for many years to come. The felling of trees near water reservoirs, from which ospreys draw their main source of food, has resulted in the birds also starting to nest on artificial structures. Several successful breedings have been recorded on power poles in recent years. This would not be possible without the involvement of Enea Operator, the distribution company of the Enea Group.

The company, in cooperation with the State Forests, has been installing platforms for osprey nests on twenty-meter-high power poles that constitute the company’s infrastructure for several years.

– Poland is one of the few European countries where the protection of ospreys is taken very seriously, for example by creating protective zones in their nesting places – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator.

The end of March is the time when ospreys return from their wintering grounds, so it is the best time to prepare safe places for them to nest. Due to the fact that the population of this endangered species is most numerous in the Lubusz region and Western Pomerania, all of the 69 platforms for ospreys are installed there.

Storks in north-western Poland can also use similar platforms, built by Enea employees. 3.3 thousand bets were placed. such structures. Lifting nests onto platforms has a thirty-year tradition at Enea. And these are just two of the company’s many socially responsible initiatives that are related to the Enea Group’s care for the environment. The company operates in such a way as to minimize its negative impact on nature.

Together for the environment

The Enea Group, together with the State Forests, also implemented the “Enea EkoProjekty” project – nine events involving local communities from Enea’s area of ​​operation. It included, among others: planting trees and a nature and educational festival, collecting electronic waste, marking out an educational path, marking out an educational and recreational running route.

Enea Wytwarzanie has been educating children and adults for years, showing the diversity and richness of plant and animal species in the close vicinity of the Kozienice Power Plant, which is adjacent to extremely valuable natural areas, subject to legal protection, such as: the Natura 2000 area “Middle Vistula Valley” and the forest complex ” Kozienicka Forest. From the south, the power plant area is surrounded by the forests of the Kozienice Landscape Park. It is inhabited by moose, deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars, badgers, foxes and very rare species of birds: black storks, lesser spotted eagles, cranes and rollers, and over 40 species of protected plants can be found there. It is one of the richest forest complexes in the country, comparable to the Białowieża Forest.

Taking care of these areas, the Kozienice Power Plant implements many projects related to environmental protection, which enable it to meet applicable pollution emission standards in the field of air and water protection, noise reduction and waste management.

The company is implementing similar solutions at the Połaniec Power Plant, which is considered a pioneer of many environmental protection activities. The so-called flue gas desulfurization installation operates on its premises. FGD, which significantly reduces SO2 and dust emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the power plant’s impact on the natural environment.

The Group’s companies conduct voluntary blood donation campaigns and support local vocational education and employee volunteering. One of the volunteer campaigns was #TrashChallengeEnei, in which employees cleaned forests and river banks in the areas where the Group’s companies operate. They also take care of insects, which can benefit from various species of melliferous plants in a specially prepared meadow at the Kozienice Power Plant. There was also the so-called bee hotel.

Building a balance between economic growth and energy security and increasing the quality of life and caring for the natural environment determine the directions of activities consistent with sustainable development. The Enea Group minimizes its impact on the environment and builds such balance. All this to preserve our planet for future generations, so that they can continue to benefit from the richness of its ecosystems.

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