Four senior-friendly countries. They offer many discounts and amenities

Four senior-friendly countries.  They offer many discounts and amenities

In these four European countries, seniors will feel particularly comfortable. They can count on many discounts and amenities here.

Last year, two 80-year-old seniors went on a trip around the world, proving that it is never too late to travel, even long-distance ones. The American biweekly Forbes has prepared a list of four European countries that are particularly friendly to people over sixty. They can count on respect resulting from the culture of a given country and a package of discounts covering all European Union residents.

The best countries for seniors

Recently, we at informed about the disturbing trend of not providing accommodation in hostels to people over 35 years of age. Although this problem does not affect many Polish seniors, who most often book private rooms during their holidays, it shows a growing tendency to exclude older citizens from the spheres of social life. This issue was discussed by the American magazine Forbes, which noticed the growing discrimination based on age in the United States. However, many places in the world give up the pursuit of the cult of youth and turn to experienced seniors with respect. The editors of the biweekly chose the four European countries most favorable to older tourists. We can fly to all of them directly from Poland.

Portugal, Spain, France and Slovenia

Forbes has chosen particularly charming European destinations, where we can find many natural and cultural attractions. Portugal was selected as one of the countries worth visiting by seniors, which, apart from its long coast and atmospheric towns, offers older tourists discounts ranging from 25%. up to 50 percent in many tourist attractions. People over 65 can travel on trains for half price. There is also an act on priority service for seniors in places such as offices and supermarkets throughout the country. If a person aged 65 or older is not allowed to wait in line, the person breaking the rules will receive a fine of up to EUR 1,000.

“In Spain, as in Portugal, seniors have priority seats on public transport, and from the age of 65 they are entitled to discounts on transport and entertainment,” we read. Seniors do not pay IVA tax, which is deducted from their purchases in stores. Many hotels, gyms and cultural facilities offer high discounts for people over fifty. Even if they are not listed in the price list, it is worth asking about this possibility directly. National rail operator Renfe offers 25 percent to 40 percent discount on tickets for people over 60 years old.

High discounts for seniors can also be found in France, where respect for the elderly is an important part of the culture. “Across the country, retirees aged 60 or 61 can enjoy their holidays with discounts ranging from 30 percent. up to 50 percent for public transport, cheaper tickets to cinemas, theaters, museums and monuments,” writes Forbes. In Slovenia, an exceptionally peaceful and safe country with a mild climate, European Union members over 65 years of age can count on free travel on some buses and up to 50 percent discounts on rail travel within the country and to Croatia.

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