Former NBA basketball player charged with murder. Shocking details were revealed

Former NBA basketball player charged with murder.  Shocking details were revealed

Chance Comanche, a former NBA basketball player, was charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 23-year-old woman. The incident occurred in early December near Las Vegas, Nevada.

The crime was widely reported in the sports world. Chance Comanche and his 19-year-old partner Sakari Harnden allegedly murdered Marayna Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington state. The woman was last seen in Las Vegas.

Chance Comanche charged with kidnapping and murder

The local police reported the murder. The 23-year-old was supposed to meet the basketball player’s partner on December 5. Officers determined that Comanche was with her at the time, but these are the only details that were provided. The woman was reported missing on December 7, and a few days later her remains were found in a desert area in Henderson, Nevada.

The 27-year-old former Portland Trail Blazers player was arrested by the FBI in Sacramento County, California, and is being held without bail. Sakari Harnden, in turn, was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with kidnapping, but was released on bail of PLN 500,000. hole.

Who is Chance Comanche?

Chance Comanche was born in Los Angeles, where he grew up and took his first steps in basketball. At Arizona State University, he was one of the most outstanding young players. He spent most of his career in the G-League, the second American league, but on April 9, 2023, he became a player of the aforementioned Portland Trail Blazers and made his debut on the same day in a match lost to the Golden State Warriors 101:157. He scored seven points for his team.

This was his only NBA appearance. Then he played for Stockton Kings, where he played as a basket-maker. On the day of the encounter with the murdered woman, his team was playing an NBA G League Ignite game in Henderson. His contract was terminated immediately after his arrest.

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