A YouTuber from Rzeszów beat up a drunk man, the video went viral. The sponsor’s strong reaction

A YouTuber from Rzeszów beat up a drunk man, the video went viral.  The sponsor's strong reaction

Mateusz D., known under the nickname “Kiszak”, hit a drunk man in front of the camera. The event was filmed by his friends and went online. After the Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior described the case on Facebook, the sponsor, G2A, withdrew from cooperation with the YouTuber.

“Young people from good homes beat up a homeless man” – this was the title of the case reported by OMZRiK on Monday, July 15. The very next day, the Center’s Facebook profile published details of a streamer who, in the company of his friends, hit and insulted a drunk man. Information was also provided from G2A.com, which declared that it had terminated cooperation with “Kiszak”. However, this is not the end, as all information and the recording were passed on to the Rzeszów police.

In the above-mentioned recording, we see Kiszak and his friends making jokes at the expense of a helpless, drunk man. All with a smile, of course, and to increase the number of views. However, when the drunk interlocutor decided to knock the hat off the YouTuber’s head for fun, he reacted with aggression. He punched the drunk in the face and threw him to the ground. We don’t see exactly what happened next because the person holding the camera decided not to continue recording. However, not to distract his aggressive friend, but to protect him from being banned on YouTube.

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