“Little Venice” wins the hearts of European tourists. You can fly here from Poland for PLN 90

"Little Venice" wins the hearts of European tourists.  You can fly here from Poland for PLN 90

One of the Italian cities is very similar to the popular Venice, but it is much less crowded and cheaper. We can fly here from Poland for less than PLN 100.

There is a city in Italy that visitors compare to Venice. If we go on a trip here, we will spend much less than in the town famous for its canals.

Travel experts and vacationers alike call this place “little Venice” thanks to its canals, palaces and historic buildings. Why is it worth going to the increasingly popular Treviso?

“Little Venice” – a beautiful Italian city without crowds

Located in northeastern Italy, Treviso is famous for its historic palaces, beautiful canals and proximity to the Veneto region, where delicious prosecco is produced. Due to these similarities, the small Italian city has been compared to Venice for years.

According to representatives of the local hotel San Nicolo, Treviso is called “little Venice” because of the numerous rivers winding between the houses.

And although this town is much smaller than Venice, it is also less crowded. There are fewer tourist attractions here, but it is still a unique place. Treviso is full of amazing squares and monumental buildings, charming narrow streets and fairy-tale bridges.

Although the architectural style is very similar to the Venetian one, the prices in bars, restaurants and hotels are much lower – which is why a trip to Treviso is more profitable for tourists than to Venice.

Direct flights from Poland to Treviso

Tourists who fly from Poland to Venice most often get off at Venice-Treviso airport. Venice is 42 km away and Treviso is only 5 km away. They can be covered in a few minutes by car.

Flights from Warsaw-Modlin to Treviso take place three times a week, and the cost of a one-way ticket is only PLN 90. We can go back for PLN 110. The cruises have been planned so that you can go to Italy on Friday and return on Sunday. This is a perfect idea for a city break. It is worth adding that the plane journey takes less than 2 hours.

In addition, it is worth taking into account the prices of hotels locally. One person can find accommodation here for approximately PLN 170. In Venice it costs twice as much. Lunch at a restaurant in Treviso will cost approximately PLN 50.

In summer, temperatures here reach 29 degrees Celsius, but it is also pleasantly warm outside the season. Autumn will also be a good time of year to travel to this place. What to see in Treviso? Here we will find a unique cathedral with naves, chapels, works of religious art and an underground crypt from the 11th century. Entrance to the facility is free. There are also city walls winding around the entire city, which will help us discover the city’s history. Three older city gates still remain here, including Altinia Gate, Porta San Tommaso and Porta Santi Quaranta. The city’s ancient canals and the Sile and Bottengia rivers are also great attractions. Tourists also admire the local unusual Fontana delle Tette – a fountain in which water flows from… women’s breasts.

There will also be something special for lovers of Italian desserts. Well, it turns out that tiramisu was invented in Treviso. Nearby there are vineyards where prosecco is made.

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