PESEL reservation under new rules. We know how many people have done it so far

PESEL reservation under new rules.  We know how many people have done it so far

In four days, half a million citizens registered their PESEL number. They could have done this earlier, but it offered no specific protection. Things are different after June 1, when additional obligations are imposed on banks and loan companies.

The ability to reserve a PESEL number in the mObywatel application is not new – it has been possible to do so since November 17 last year. However, this did not involve any specific protection, so few Poles decided to do so (regardless of the fact that the reservation itself is very simple and requires only two clicks in the mObywatel application). Things were different after June 1, when banks, credit institutions and notaries were obliged to check, before performing an action or concluding a contract, whether the person wishing to conclude a contract or make an obligation had reserved the number. If so, you cannot enter into a contract with her.

How many people have registered their PESEL number?

An institution that has not fulfilled its obligation and, for example, granted a loan to a person who registered the PESEL number (or impersonated it), will not be able to expect the client to repay the obligation. This is supposed to be a whip against stealing other people's data in order to take out a loan.

Minister of Digital Affairs Krzysztof Gawkowski announced on Monday that over 3.3 million Poles have secured their PESEL numbers, including half a million in the last four days. Gawkowski noted that Poles “started” to secure their PESEL numbers in June.

How to register a PESEL number?

The most convenient way is to register your PESEL number in the mObywatel application. You need to log in to your account, select the “Reserve PESEL” function and click the reserve button. This happens automatically and takes a while. The restriction may be indefinite – and then, if necessary, you can withdraw the restriction at any time – or with a specific date and time when the system will automatically reserve your PESEL number again.

It's very simple, but if someone does not use mObywatel, they can register their PESEL number free of charge at the commune office after completing the form.

Why is it worth keeping your PESEL number?

Restricting your PESEL number has many advantages:

  • will help protect your personal data against cyber fraudsters

  • will prevent you from taking out a loan for specific personal data

  • will prevent you from extorting a loan

  • will allow us to verify which companies were interested in our personal data.

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