Explosion in Lebanon. Israel eliminated one of the Hamas leaders

Explosion in Lebanon.  Israel eliminated one of the Hamas leaders

An explosion occurred in the suburbs of Beirut, killing four people. Among them was one of the leaders of Hamas.

On Tuesday, January 2, an Israeli drone attack took place on a Hamas office located south of the capital of Lebanon. Saleh al-Arouri, who held a high position in the Hamas political bureau, was allegedly killed in the explosion. Reuters claims that he was also involved in the military activities of the group, considered by Israel and many other countries as a terrorist organization. The man’s death was confirmed by three independent sources, who requested anonymity.

Is the Beirut explosion caused by Israel?

Hezbollah’s local Manar TV reported that the explosion occurred near the Hadi Nasrallah highway. Witnesses said it was caused by a drone that hit the second floor of a building located in a densely populated area. Although Israel is said to be behind the attack, its army has not yet officially confirmed this information.

The explosion occurred just a day before Hezbollah leader Sayiid Hassan Nasrallah was scheduled to speak. The above-mentioned organization is responsible for the almost daily shelling of Israel from the territory of Lebanon since the beginning of the October conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas.

Israel’s retaliatory attacks were said to have killed over 100 Hezbollah fighters. According to the organization’s sources, several dozen civilians also died as a result, including children, elderly people and several journalists.

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