The two-week ministers did not skimp on rewards for officials. An audit is underway

The two-week ministers did not skimp on rewards for officials.  An audit is underway

Some of the ministers in office for two weeks generously distributed bonuses and awards to officials of their ministries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was supposed to spend almost half a million zlotys on this.

The government established by Mateusz Morawiecki in November 2023 is called “two-week” because it existed for only that long (which was not surprising for people who understand parliamentary arithmetic), and it was talked about not in the context of achievements, but in the context of speculations regarding severance packages for ministers and deputy ministers. .

Severance pay and awards for officials

The regulations provide that ministers who have been in office for less than three months receive severance pay in the amount of one salary. The constitutional minister earns PLN 14,029 gross per month, plus functional allowances of PLN 3,758. This gives a total of PLN 17,187 gross. Ministers who take up a job within three months of leaving the government and earn less than in the government do not receive severance pay, and in the case of lower remuneration, it will only be compensation. So the “fortnightly” ministers, who are also MPs, received only less than PLN 5,000. PLN compensation – this is the difference between the ministerial and parliamentary remuneration, which amounts to PLN 12,826 gross.

During their two weeks in office, ministers not only met the conditions to receive at least partial severance pay, but some also distributed money generously. “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” reports that Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for two weeks, transferred as much as PLN 437,000 to his officials during these several days. PLN gross for prizes (the highest was PLN 15,000 gross). In the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the amount of bonuses for officials from the outgoing government ranged from PLN 1,000. up to 37.5 thousand PLN gross. An audit is underway in the ministries, the aim of which is to determine the scale of activities undertaken by the nominees of the United Right.

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