Every fourth Pole does not practice any sport. It’s getting worse

Every fourth Pole does not practice any sport.  It's getting worse

Regular physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle and it is not without reason that it is on the list of recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). Research shows that the physical activity of Poles has been declining for several years.

Experts say straight: this is a real regression in practicing sports among Poles. The percentage of physically active people has been decreasing since the pandemic. Data and research conducted by Sponsoring Monitor ARC Rynek i Opinia show that in 2022 the percentage of physically active people was 10%. lower than 4 years ago (it should be added that until the pandemic, the physical activity of Poles was systematically increasing).

We exercise little and irregularly

The pandemic year turned out to be disastrous not only in terms of issues directly related to health, but also when a systematic decline in Poles’ physical activity began. Then the percentage of Poles practicing sports dropped to 69%, and last year – to 64%. We exercise not only less, but also more irregularly. According to the study, only every tenth of those practicing sports declares that they do it every day, and almost half – several times a month. Physical activities undertaken by Poles most often include cycling, running, walking and hiking, i.e. those that do not generate additional costs.

Physical activity of Poles: worse than Czechs, better than Romanians

A survey conducted by Waterdrop shows that 24.9 percent of people interviewed declare that they do not practice sports at all. The least active of the countries where the study was conducted are the inhabitants of Romania, where 36 percent respondents declare lack of regular physical activity. At the other extreme are the Czechs, where only 20 percent people do not practice sports.

– Physical activity is a key element of a healthy lifestyle, but it also has an impact on our environment. Unfortunately, research shows a decline in physical activity in Poland. This is a disturbing trend, but at the same time an opportunity to promote more ecological habits, such as cycling or public transport – says eco educator Daria Rogowska, quoted in the Waterdrop press release.

WHO recommendations are very specific when it comes to physical activity: adults are recommended about 150-300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, or 75-150 minutes of intense exercise. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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