Plan a happy life with Brian Tracy!

Plan a happy life with Brian Tracy!

Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker, personal development specialist and writer – a figure who certainly needs no introduction. He is the author of many books, of which we would like to draw your attention to four unique works – three novelties and one bestseller. In this case, three plus one does not equal four, but hundreds of useful tips, techniques and strategies that help you sort out your professional, financial, health and, finally, relationship matters.

To make employees happy, that is, the recipe for full commitment

Are you a manager, entrepreneur or just wondering how to increase your productivity and be a role model for your colleagues? Reach for a book “Full commitment! Inspire, motivate and bring out the full potential of your team”, which has just been published by Onepress. Already in the introduction, Brian Tracy argues that the most powerful motivation for each of us is the desire to be happy. How to make employees feel this way every day? Why is it so important? And since it's best to start with yourself – how to do it? In the first chapter, the author presents 25 concepts whose aim is to encourage people to fully engage, i.e. work at 100 percent. It turns out that the average employee performs professional activities only for approximately 50 percent of the time allocated for them. The task of a manager, manager or entrepreneur is to increase this productivity – in a smart way. Brian Tracy suggests starting with the golden rule of management, which is: “Do what you would like to be treated,” which includes:

  • smile,

  • ask questions,

  • listen,

  • be polite,

  • thank you,

  • provide access to information,

  • pay well,

  • celebrate successes,

  • let us know what you expect,

  • imagine that your subordinates are customers worth millions of dollars.

Brian Tracy expands on these and the other 15 concepts with hands-on exercises. In his considerations, he refers to various studies (he mentions, for example, the Hawthorne effect), which show that thoughts, feelings and emotions have a greater impact on employee motivation than introducing physical changes to the environment or working conditions.

The task of the best managers is to maintain a balance: “to remove factors that are unfavorable to productivity, to nurture neutral factors, and to maximize motivators.” And that's exactly what they'll find plenty of strategies for in the book.Full commitment“. Although Tracy is an authority on management issues and has been dealing with this topic for several decades, he writes simply, clearly, without aggrandizing himself. He emphasizes that every exceptional manager was once inept. Reading this book and the practical exercises it contains are the first step on the way to becoming a true professional.

95% of happiness is good habits – how to quickly implement them and use them immediately?

In the introduction to the book “Habits worth millions. How to learn wealth-generating behaviors” Brian Tracy writes that the strategies and techniques presented will help you achieve happiness in all areas of your life. In individual chapters you will find tips on: work, finances, relationships, as well as health and physical fitness. After each larger piece of content there is “time for action”, i.e. tasks whose completion allows you to turn the presented theory into practice.

Are you wondering if there is an important habit worth millions that you could immediately implement and use immediately? We will surprise you and answer you in a flash: it is the habit of talking to yourself in a positive way most of the time.

“The more you like yourself (…), the faster you will develop any other habit.”

To work on this habit, you will need a simple affirmation that should be repeated like a mantra: “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself.”

Brian Tracy also introduces this topic in general and emphasizes that everything we do regularly eventually becomes a habit. To shape any of them, you need to implement a seven-step process:

  1. Make a decision.

  2. Never make exceptions.

  3. Talk to other people about it.

  4. Imagine yourself.

  5. Create an affirmation.

  6. Promise yourself you won't give up.

  7. Reward yourself.

How long does it take to develop a habit? It all depends on what kind of habit it is. For simple habits such as getting up earlier, exercising regularly, listening to audio programs in the car, not being late for meetings, planning each day in advance, you will need about three weeks. Remember not to be too hard on yourself when forming habits. You won't change everything right away. Choose one habit that can benefit you the most and follow this seven-step process. You can read more about this in chapter three of the book “Habits Worth Millions”.

Although Brian Tracy is associated with business and finance, he devotes a lot of space to habits related to building good relationships. Why? Here is his answer: “As much as 85 percent of the happiness you feel is the result of your relationships with people (…). Our fate is influenced by the people who are present in our lives. The relationship we have with them (and they with us) has a major impact on the quality of our lives and everything that happens around us.”

Less is… happier

Although Brian Tracy is not a minimalist (consider the wealth of tips he shares), in his new book “Focus point. Simplify your life, increase your productivity and achieve all your goals!” encourages us to reduce according to the principle “less is more” – that is, happier.

This can be achieved with the help presented by him Focus Point Process, which consists of seven steps including: setting values, vision, goals, acquiring knowledge, habits, implementing daily activities and appropriate actions. In Focus, he walks us through this process in seven areas of life, including:

  1. Business and career.

  2. Family and private life.

  3. Money and investments.

  4. Health and fitness.

  5. Personal development.

  6. Social activity.

  7. Spiritual development and inner peace.

Focus Point Process allows us to determine what is most important to us in a given field:
“Your task is to identify those things that you can do that are more important than others and bring more value. You then discipline yourself to focus all your energy and attention on these selected tasks. You reject any activity that is not one of the most valuable tasks you can do at that moment. You are responsible”.

Book “Focus point. Simplify your life, increase your productivity and achieve all your goals!” is a novelty of the Onepress publishing house, which specializes in topics related to business, marketing, economics and personal development.

An effective salesperson is simply a happy person

We will not exhaust the topic of happiness in the context of the strategies proposed by Brian Tracy without referring to his new book on sales – “Masterful deal closing. The key to making money in professional sales“. First of all, you will find many specific techniques. In the first chapter, the author devotes a lot of attention to the personality of an effective salesperson, who should be:

  • confident,

  • hard-working,

  • empathetic,

  • honest,

  • truthful,

  • positive attitude to life.

These features fit not only the image of an effective salesperson, but above all of a happy person. So if you work in sales, first make sure you work on your character (for example, using habit-related methods), and then use the techniques presented. Brian Tracy suggests how to deal with customer objections, presents the most effective techniques for finalizing transactions and methods for eliminating time thieves. He also emphasizes that sales skills open all doors – because each of us deals with transactions at some point in our lives.

Apparently, many readers of business publications stop reading after the first chapter. Although in the case of Brian Tracy's books, the content already presented at the beginning can change your life, we encourage you to read the whole thing. In each of them, the theory is accompanied by tasks that will help you step by step introduce changes related to your work, personal life or development. It's a simple plan for a happy life.

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