Two Arabian leopards were born at the research center. It is a “critically endangered” species

Two Arabian leopards were born at the research center.  It is a "critically endangered" species

Two female Arabian leopards were born in a special center in Saudi Arabia. The joy is even greater because it is a species threatened with extinction.

On Thursday, August 18, the Royal Commission in Saudi Arabia announced the birth of two leopard cubs at the Saudi Arabian Wildlife Research Center. Prince Saud al-Faisal. This is a huge success of the country’s efforts to protect the endangered species of predatory cats.

Arabian leopards: The list of countries of occurrence is getting shorter

The Arabian leopard is on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It has now been given the status of a “critically endangered” species. Nowadays, Arabian leopards live only in three countries: Yemen, Oman and the aforementioned Saudi Arabia. Their population is estimated at only 200 individuals in the wild. Historically, these cats lived not only on the Arabian Peninsula, but also in the areas of today’s Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

Arabian leopards are endangered for many reasons

Leopards are at risk of extinction not only because of human expansion, urbanization and the destruction of their natural environment. Their solitary lifestyle definitely doesn’t help them. These creatures prefer to live alone, pairing up only in winter. The female’s gestation period is 100 days, and the result is one or two young per year.

Unfortunately, leopards are still hunted. They are caught not only to protect human settlements or farm animals, but also in connection with the illegal trade in wild animals.

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