Employees can receive additional money, the subsidy will start any day now. Who will benefit?

Employees can receive additional money, the subsidy will start any day now.  Who will benefit?

Employees can receive additional money. This concerns subsidies for contact lenses, the changes will come into force in May 2024. Check what requirements you need to meet.

Employees who are employed under an employment contract can benefit from various types of subsidies. One of them is co-financing for the purchase of contact lenses. Pursuant to the regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of October 18, 2023 amending the regulation on occupational health and safety, new rules related to safe and hygienic work apply to positions equipped with screen monitors. The amendment entered into force on November 17, 2023. In the case of positions that were created before this date, employers have until May 17, 2024 to implement the new rules.

Co-financing for the purchase of contact lenses

In the case of job positions created before the entry into force of the amending regulation, i.e. before November 17, 2023, employers have 6 months to adapt to the new requirements. In practice, this means that the employer must implement them by May 17, 2024.

One of the effects of the changes introduced is that employees can receive funding for the purchase of contact lenses. However, it should be remembered that there are still restrictions in this regard – this will change after May 17. This means that all employees will then be able to benefit from such financial assistance when purchasing contact lenses.

The introduction of refunds for contact lenses is, of course, dictated by employers' concern for the well-being of their employees. Improving the health of employees, including taking care of their eyesight, translates directly into work comfort and general well-being – says Monika Grządziela, W&W Consulting occupational safety expert, in an interview with the “Infor” portal.

Who can benefit from subsidies for contact lenses?

Co-financing for contact lenses is available to employees who need to use such contact lenses while working at a monitor and who present a document issued by an occupational medicine doctor. Such a certificate is the basis for reimbursement until the next visit (unless these recommendations are changed). However, this is not the end – the employee must also submit an appropriate application for payment of such subsidy.

How much funding an employee will receive for contact lenses depends on the company. It depends on the size of the company and its financial capabilities. This may be, for example, co-financing of 50-80 percent of the costs covered by the employee. Sometimes it is also a specific amount, for example PLN 200 or PLN 400. Remember that it is also possible to subsidize glasses for an employee.

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