Australia withdraws from organizing the 2034 World Cup. There is one candidate left

Australia withdraws from organizing the 2034 World Cup. There is one candidate left

The last FIFA World Cup was held in Qatar. It is highly probable that in eleven years the top players will play in the Middle East again. Australia withdrew from organizing the 2034 World Cup, leaving one candidate left.

Last year, fans witnessed an unusual situation. As a rule, the FIFA World Cup was held in the middle of summer. This time, due to unpleasant temperatures, they were postponed to November and December. Poland left the group for the first time since 1986, but it was still accompanied by negative PR due to the bonus scandal.

World Cup 2034 again in the Middle East

Extending the formula of the World Championships, i.e. increasing the number of participants, makes it theoretically easier for them to advance to the next World Cup (starting in 2026). The hosts of the next two World Cups are already known. In three years, it will be organized by Mexico, the USA and Canada, and in 2030 by Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Interestingly, three matches will be played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

Discussions about the host of the championship in 2034 have also been ongoing in recent months. Saudi Arabia, which is from Qatar, also wanted to host a great football event quickly joined the fight. They have been famous for their rich league for years, but the World Cup would be another step towards promoting the country through sport. The second candidate was Australia, which had been looking for a candidate for a joint organization for a long time.

– We considered the possibility of submitting a bid to host the FIFA World Cup and, taking into account all factors, we decided not to do so for the competition organized in 2034 – said the Australian federation.

World Championships at an unusual time

According to the New York Times, Australia’s resignation means that Saudi will be announced as the host of the 2034 World Cup in December. As in the case of last year’s World Cup, the tournament would be held in November and December.

The greatest success of the Saudi Arabian team was the 1/8 finals in 1994. The current coach of the national team is Roberto Mancini.

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