Grażyna Torbicka in photos from 30 years ago. See how she has changed

Grażyna Torbicka in photos from 30 years ago.  See how she has changed

The presenter's beauty is admired by many people. But what did Grażyna Torbicka look like at the beginning of her career? Old shots revealed.

Grażyna Torbicka started her career on Polish Television in 1985, and a year later she made her debut as a presenter during the 23rd International Song Festival in Sopot. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of international film festivals, hosted award ceremonies many times, and hosted numerous festivals and competitions. She also had her own cultural program on TVP2 “I love Kino”, which made her the most popular among TV viewers.

Over the years, Grażyna Torbicka gained more and more popularity and sympathy. Today, she is famous for her perfect Polish, perfect appearance, original outfits, but also for her phenomenal figure and radiant complexion. And what was it like before? Her photos from the beginning of her career appeared on the Internet.

Grażyna Torbicka in photos from years ago

Many Polish women want to look like Grażyna Torbicka. The star has already revealed her beauty secrets in many interviews. She said that she inherited her slim figure from her father and that she cannot torture herself with training to lose weight. – I'm not against exercise, but I've never been to a gym or fitness center myself. Most often, I limit myself to long walks with my dog ​​Torys – she said in an interview with “Na Żywo”.

Moreover, she is a fan of skiing and swimming. At the same time, he does not like restrictive diets and counting calories. – I don't believe in any diets. I have my own way, which is that I eat everything I like and feel like, but only half the portion, she told “Plejada”.

– If I were to say what type of cuisine most often appears in my kitchen, it would certainly be Mediterranean cuisine. Everything related to pasta, but typically Italian, without eggs, and various types of sauces. I also serve a lot of vegetables and salads. Fortunately, my husband has similar preferences to mine – she explained in an interview with “Super Express”.

Grażyna Torbicka also does not use extremely expensive cosmetics and has been using the same ones for years. She also does not interfere with her beauty with aesthetic medicine treatments. He claims that you should age with dignity, and a changed face does not add charm. – It is very easy to compare photos from now and in the past and point out what we have improved. Why do we need this? Of course, Internet portals compete with each other in presenting the possibilities that aesthetic medicine currently offers. But everyone has a choice. If someone needs surgery or treatments to feel better, please do so, she added in an interview for “Plejada”.

In the case of the presenter, you can compare her photos from years ago to the current ones and say that from the beginning of her career she was distinguished by her beauty, and her face has not changed much. Her shots from TV shows from the early 1990s were published on Instagram by @tele.nostalgia. Among the comments under the photos you can read: “The most beautiful woman on Polish television. Always classy for me” and also “Was she ever ugly? When I see old footage, it's still sexy.” Check it out for yourself below.

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