Trains still stop. PKP announces changes, although it considers them to be “minor inconveniences”

Trains still stop.  PKP announces changes, although it considers them to be "minor inconveniences"

Massive sending of “radio stop” messages stopping nearby trains continues. The matter is being investigated by the Internal Security Agency, and PKP PLK has announced changes.

When a “black series” of accidents occurred on the railway last Thursday, the Internet joked that it was unable to count them. The derailment of a train in Białystok, the collision of two trains in Skierniewice and a delivery truck entering the tracks are just a few of them. However, if anyone had a problem counting the number of incidents, don’t even try to guess how many times the trains stopped in the last week.

Massive train stops across Poland

For several days now, “radio-stop” signals have been sent throughout Poland, which immediately stop all trains in the area. Due to the possible threat, the Internal Security Agency began to look into the matter and claims that the events are not related.

But someone is causing them to happen. At the moment, all we know is the arrest of two men, including one policeman, from Białystok, who will spend the next three months in custody. Despite their arrest, incidents continue to occur.

PKP considers it a “minor inconvenience”

On Wednesday, the Polish Press Agency received a statement from PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, which is responsible for managing the entire network in the country. In its content, the company’s president, Ireneusz Merchel, stated that “these actions cause minor traffic disruptions.”

The company announces acceleration of changes in the system

Nevertheless, they need to be remedied, hence the company’s decision to accelerate the replacement of analog devices that are exposed to external interference with new, secured, digital devices. There is no other way to stop unauthorized signals from being transmitted.

Until now, the replacement of devices was to be carried out in parallel due to high costs. Despite this, in the case of such intensified interventions, the time needed to introduce changes had to be significantly reduced. This system, as emphasized by the president of PKP PLK, is needed for safety reasons and has often helped prevent many dangerous incidents on the railway.

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