The fastest 5G in Poland

The fastest 5G in Poland

5G technology has become a fact. Its reach covers an increasingly larger area of ​​Poland, and most new smartphone models in stores support fifth-generation mobile technology. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the 5G telephony standard and why we will use it more and more often.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused streaming services to rapidly develop and users began to work and learn remotely. These phenomena have caused a huge increase in the demand for increased connection capacity.

Every day, 328.77 million terabytes of data are generated, and this year alone, as many as 120 zettabytes will appear, i.e. 12,000,000,000,000 gigabytes. Most of this data travels through the network to the cloud, is sent via streaming services, and is also sent during video conferences, during remote work and learning, and during online games.

Moreover, the so-called last mile connection, i.e. the connection between the telecommunications operator and the place where the user uses the Internet, is most often wireless using the mobile phone network. That’s why fast 5G technology has become so important.

Plus the leader of the rankings

The beginning of this year brought major changes on the telecommunications market in Poland. According to the company’s report, Ookla Plus took first place in the 3G, 4G and 5G mobile ranking. This was due to the increase in the share of the 5G system with this operator. It is worth emphasizing that for almost two years, Plus has been consistently a leader in the 5G category with an average download speed currently over 130 Mb/s. This was made possible thanks to the operator’s possession of a 2600 MHz frequency band dedicated specifically to 5G telephony, in which the possibility of implementing TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology was additionally used. Moreover, Plus was the first operator in Poland to launch a commercial 5G network using the 2600 MHz TDD band.

TDD, one of the newest technologies, involves allocating additional bandwidth for users using devices that support it and, importantly, it does not limit access to the bandwidth for other users. The operation of TDD can be compared to traffic on a modern highway, where additional lanes are opened in the direction where most cars go, at the expense of lanes in the opposite direction, which are currently used by few people. The Plus network simply offers additional capacity intended exclusively for 5G customers.

Mobile Internet as fast as optical fiber

As previously announced, in mid-June Plus introduced a number of additional improvements to the 5G technology it offers. 5G Ultra from Plus offers the possibility of aggregating three bands, including two 5G bands (2600 MHz and 2100 MHz) and one LTE band at 1800 MHz. Such aggregation allowed for transfer rates of up to 1 Gb/s. It has therefore become possible to transmit data wirelessly at speeds previously offered by fiber optic networks.

Moreover, it is the only solution in Poland thanks to which mobile Internet is as fast as stationary Internet. Enabling 5G technology in the 2100 MHz band brings two benefits. Firstly, the data transfer speed increased, and secondly, it helped Plus improve the already very good coverage of the 5G network.

What does this mean for users? First of all, you can enjoy the exceptional comfort of using the Internet. Thanks to the new technology, you can watch movies and series in 4K resolution without stuttering. You can also download several HD movies in less than a minute and your favorite playlist in just a second. Similarly, you can also enjoy smooth gameplay in all games that are delivered from the cloud or in online games that require lightning-fast response from the server and the shortest ping times. In addition, remote work and learning as well as participation in video conferences can take place without even the slightest disruptions, regardless of where we are at the moment.

Such a high transmission rate allows streamers and e-sports players to easily broadcast games, and allows YouTubers to broadcast important events live. Enabling the possibility of using 5G technology in the 2100 MHz band not only allowed for faster data transmission using the 5G Ultra functionality, but also increased the coverage and availability of 5G technology. More than 4.2 million Polish residents in 171 smaller and larger towns already have access to the fastest 5G Ultra network, consisting of nearly 700 base stations.

The number of locations with access to the fastest 5G internet is constantly expanding. Currently, over 20 million people, i.e. over half of Poland’s inhabitants, are within 5G coverage of Plus, in all 16 voivodeships.

Most of the latest smartphones already support the 5G network, and all devices available at Plus undergo internal tests before they are delivered to customers. Currently, Plus’s offer includes approximately 150 smartphones and 5G routers. Of course, Plus’s portfolio also includes smartphones and routers supporting 5G Ultra technology.

Fiber optic transmission speed not only in 5G

When it comes to access to high-speed Internet at home, Plus, in addition to the 5G wireless network, also offers the Plus Fiber Optic service. The availability of Plus Fiber Optics fixed-line Internet is constantly expanded to new locations, thanks to which the service covers 13 million Polish residents from all voivodeships.

Users who decide to take advantage of the Fiber Optic Plus offer can choose from attractive discounts. For example, you can consider purchasing a combined offer of Plus and Polsat Box. Polsat Box TV with Disney+ channels and Plus fiber optic with a speed of 300 Mb/s costs PLN 19/month. for the first year of the contract. Thanks to this users can save approximately PLN 1,000 per year.

If we want to use a faster connection with a speed of up to 600 Mb/s (M Plus fiber optic) with the Polsat Box with Disney+ package, then we will pay slightly more, only PLN 29/month. for the first year after rebates. In the case of the ultrafast L Plus fiber with a speed of up to 1 Gb/s, the fee for the first year of the contract after discounts will be ten zlotys more, i.e. PLN 39/month. In the second year of the contract, the customer will pay PLN 107.99/month. for the variant with S fiber optic, PLN 117.99/month. for the contract variant with M fiber optic cable and PLN 127.99/month. for the variant of the offer with L fiber optic cable.

Fast internet makes life easier

The smartphone has become our inseparable companion – through this device we perform more and more tasks and download more and more data. That is why it is so important that mobile communication takes place without obstacles and disruptions. Thanks to 5G, we can be sure of efficient transfer of even large amounts of data.

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