Don’t do this in hot weather. Popular myths that can harm your health

Don't do this in hot weather.  Popular myths that can harm your health

It happens that during the heat we repeat certain behaviors that are supposed to bring us relief and coolness. However, some of them are just myths. So you need to be careful not to expose yourself to negative health consequences. What not to do?

Hot days are a period when normal functioning is much more difficult, and our quality of life decreases due to high temperatures outside. No wonder that each of us tries to cool down then, using very different methods. Some are known and actually work. Others, however, are just popular myths that not only will not help during hot days, but can also negatively affect our body.

The myth about drinking little water to keep from sweating

If you’ve ever heard the advice to drink less on hot days, so as not to sweat – don’t even try to use it. During the heat, hydration of the body is extremely important – otherwise it can lead to dehydration. An adult should then drink up to 3.5 liters of fluids during the day. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential for the body to cool down – otherwise it can lead to heat stroke, for example, which in the worst case can even be fatal. On the other hand, the secretion of sweat is a natural physiological process that cools the body and prevents it from overheating. The nervous system stimulates the sweat glands when the body temperature rises.

Should I drink hot drinks in the heat?

You can often hear that on hot days it is good to drink, for example, hot tea. Then the receptors on the tongue detect a higher temperature, and this, in turn, is a signal to the body that it is better to start sweating to get rid of unnecessary heat, and consequently feel cool. This method – yes – works, but not everywhere. It is popular in Arab countries, but should we also use it in Poland? Well, this trick will only work in dry climates. This means that drinking a hot beverage will not work as well in humid climates. This will only happen when the conditions are conducive to optimal cooling performance through sweat evaporation. For this you need:

  • low air humidity,

  • whiff,

  • evaporative clothing.

If any of the above elements are missing – a hot drink will not bring us the expected refreshment.

Do you expose your body in the heat to cool down?

Many people associate the heat with exposing a large body surface. And although it seems logical, because in such clothes we should be cooler, we should not do it at all. In this way, we make it easier for the body to sweat, but we also expose the skin to the sun’s radiation, which in turn provides it with a huge amount of heat, which can cause sunburn. During hot weather, we can bet on revealing significant parts of the body, but in a situation when we are in the shade. In the case of staying in the sun – it is better to wear airy clothes that cover most of the skin and protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. Light clothes made of natural fabrics in bright colors will work best. It will also support proper thermoregulation of the body.

Drinking very cold drinks and the heat

During a heat wave, we often automatically reach for very chilled drinks, preferably with ice cubes. While this seems like the perfect way to refresh yourself, we should be extra careful about it. Doctors warn that they should not be very cold or even icy drinks, because a large temperature difference can cause, for example, a cold. Sudden drinking of a very cold beverage can also lead to thermal shock. Remember that it is also inadvisable to drink alcohol during hot weather, because it dilates blood vessels and additionally warms up the body.

Icy water and a hot body are a great danger

Wanting to cool off in the summer, we often go to the water to relax with a cool bath. However, it should be remembered that combining our hot body with cold water can be a dangerous situation. If we lie for two or three hours in the sun, and then suddenly jump into cold water – this can result in disturbing the body’s homeostasis.
Water cools the body several times faster than air. As a result of excessive and too hasty cooling of the body, thermal shock may occur, i.e. the reaction of a warmed body to contact with the cold. Its effects can be dangerous to both health and human life. May lead to respiratory and circulatory disorders. So you should avoid sudden immersion in water. Be sure to check what not to do before entering the water.

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