Sasin on buying back companies. He compared PO to … a drug addict on hunger

Sasin on buying back companies.  He compared PO to ... a drug addict on hunger

The Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, admitted on Radio Three that the rulers want to buy back companies that are important for our security. The politician accused the previous team of selling out state-owned entities like a “starving drug addict” during his rule.

As we have already reported, the State Treasury made an offer to the energy company Enea to buy back the Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka mine for almost PLN 990 million.

Sasin on the purchase of Bogdanka

This topic was raised in today’s broadcast “Political Salon of Trójka”, whose guest was the Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin. When asked when Bogdanka will be in the hands of the State Treasury, the head of the Ministry of State Assets replied: – We have already submitted an offer to Enea, as the State Treasury, a specific financial offer for the buyout of Bogdanka’s shares, I hope it will be finalized soon.

Sasin emphasized that “the takeover of Bogdanka by the State Treasury is one of the elements of building Polish energy security.” – We take energy security first of all into account. is a pearl in the crown of the Polish mining industry, said the Minister of State Assets.

The guest of Radio Three also pointed out that Enea will be subject to energy transformation and therefore “must be freed from coal assets to be able to obtain financing for large investments”.

Sasin compares PO to… a starving drug addict

Later in the broadcast, Sasin was asked how many more companies the government plans to buy back. The Minister of State Assets emphasized that the rulers want to “buy back companies important for our security”. The politician accused the Civic Platform that during his rule he sold state entities like a “starved drug addict” and “overeaten” money. – It was money that did not serve investment, did not serve development, did not serve to build something important for us. It was money overeaten every year – said Sasin.

Asked whether the recovery process would continue if the current team won the autumn elections, Sasin replied: “Of course it will.” As an example, the politician pointed to the area of ​​agri-food processing.

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