Japanese care worth the Nobel Prize – available in Poland

Japanese care worth the Nobel Prize – available in Poland

Each of us would like to stay young as long as possible. In today’s world, anti-aging cosmetics are an integral part of the daily care routine of both women and men. It is worth choosing good quality ones with the best ingredients. The Forlle’d brand stands out as a true revolution in the field of skin care.

Forlle’d is a cosmetic brand whose history dates back to 2004, and its roots go back to the revolutionary discovery of the scientist Dr. Koichi Tanaka, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002. It was on this basis that the Forlle’d Laboratory developed the technology for the production of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which became the basis of all the brand’s products.

Unique ingredients

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, patented by Forlle’d as Hyalogy™, is the key ingredient of this brand’s products. What makes it so special? Its small particles, only 5 nanometers in size, allow for deep skin penetration, which means that it works in the dermis, nourishing and regenerating it.

Forlle’d is also a pioneer in the use of ionized platinum as an anti-aging ingredient. Platinum, known for its strong antioxidant effect, is able to neutralize all forms of active oxygen, which is crucial in the fight against aging processes.

Research on the effectiveness of Forlle’d cosmeceuticals conducted in 2012 by an independent laboratory in Hamburg confirms their impressive results. After two months of regular use of the brand’s products, there is a visible increase in skin hydration by as much as 96%, a reduction in the depth of wrinkles by 40%, an increase in elasticity by 55%, and a reduction in erythema by 35%.

The Forlle’d brand not only provides effective solutions in the field of anti-aging care, but also opens new possibilities in the fight against skin aging thanks to scientifically proven formulas.

Cosmetics have no gender

It is also worth emphasizing that Forlle’d products are suitable for people of all ages, skin types and gender. It is a versatile brand that deals with various types of skin aging, from chronological aging to photoaging.

Forlle’d products are based on science and modern technologies, bring spectacular results, rejuvenating the skin from the inside and restoring its youth and radiance.

You will find the products from our selected partners and on the distributor’s website: www.forlled.com.pl.

In Poland, treatments are available in SPA hotels, aesthetic medicine clinics and authorized beauty salons.

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