Donald Tusk with an appeal to Andrzej Duda. An important declaration was made

Donald Tusk with an appeal to Andrzej Duda.  An important declaration was made

Donald Tusk spoke for the first time since the official announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections. The head of PO made an important appeal to Andrzej Duda.

Donald Tusk made the first statement after the official announcement of the election results by the National Electoral Commission. Although Law and Justice achieved the highest result, the opposition has a much greater chance of forming a government because it has 248 seats.

Elections 2023. Donald Tusk’s first speech

– I would like to thank those who voted with such determination, optimism and faith in victory. To those who sometimes stood in lines until 3 a.m. I receive dozens of calls and emails from all over the world congratulating you. I wanted to thank you for this evening and a night of records, also when it comes to our results in our beloved capital, said the PO leader.

The politician also thanked the commission members, trustees and those who worked dozens of hours as part of the Citizens’ Election Control, endured this test until the end and delivered. – No vote was wasted thanks to your determination. This is a great celebration of democracy, he emphasized.

Tusk also revealed that a young Belarusian who saw the peaceful transfer of power for the first time wrote to him. – A young Belarusian who escaped from Lukashenko wrote that we should appreciate and care for democracy, because it was the first time in his life that he had seen something like that, that a peaceful transfer of power was possible. These are very significant words, he emphasized.

Donald Tusk’s appeal to Andrzej Duda

Later in his speech, Donald Tusk appealed to Andrzej Duda. – As we know, however, the president is constitutionally responsible for this process of transfer of power. I would like to ask the President for energetic and quick decisions. The winning democratic parties are in constant contact and are ready to take over responsibility for governance in the country at any time, he assured.

– Mr. President, people are waiting for the first decisions that will be a consequence of these elections. Even teachers, for this 30 percent. raises or the budget sphere. Quick decisions also mean a sense of relief and satisfaction for those who have been waiting for this change, he concluded.

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