A Polish city appreciated abroad. It took first place in a unique ranking

A Polish city appreciated abroad.  It took first place in a unique ranking

The British have chosen their favorite destinations for trips to Europe. Interestingly, a Polish city was at the top of their list. It outclassed other famous European gems.

Which? company, which promotes conscious consumer choices when purchasing goods and services, tests them, determines their quality, and educates on consumer rights, has developed a ranking of Britons’ favorite European destinations for short trips. In first place was… Kraków.

Krakow is the favorite city of the British

Krakow and Valencia beat out the iconic tourist destinations and were recognized as Britain’s favorite European short-trip destinations. To create such a list, consumer leader Which? asked over 1,600 people to rate their experiences in 31 cities across Europe. They were analyzed in terms of several categories: food and drink, accommodation, monuments and cultural attractions, shopping, ease of getting around, lack of crowds and value for money. The result is presented in the form of a percentage and indicates how satisfied the respondents were with their visit to this place, as well as whether they would recommend it to someone else.

It turns out that Krakow and Valencia were at the top of this list – both cities achieved an impressive result of 92%.

“Kraków turned out to be very popular in the survey and took first place for the fourth time. “Valencia has previously been voted Britons’ favorite European seaside destination,” said Which? representatives.

Krakow received five stars for food and drinks, as well as cultural sites and attractions. It was recognized that the city boasts “a wealth of historical gems, from the famous Wawel Royal Castle to the town hall tower.”

“Visitors can spend hours in the city’s medieval square, the largest of its kind in Europe, or go sightseeing in the city’s vibrant Jewish quarter,” it argued. Tourists were also delighted by the nearby salt mine in Wieliczka. Kraków is also among the three destinations with the highest quality-price ratio – it received as many as four stars in this category.

Data from Kayak showed the city’s average hotel room rate was the cheapest of all locations surveyed, at just £65 a night – £143 less than Paris, which has the most expensive average room rates.

The British people’s favorite places for short trips

And what does the entire ranking, which includes Krakow, look like?

  1. Kraków and Valencia – 92 percent

  2. Stockholm – 91 percent

  3. Berlin, Funchal and Seville – 89 percent.

  4. Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux – 87 percent

  5. Bruges – 86 percent

  6. Nice, Prague – 85 percent

  7. Malaga, Porto – 84 percent

  8. Madrid, Venice – 83 percent

  9. Amsterdam, Budapest – 82 percent

  10. Munich, Rome, Vienna – 81 percent

  11. Copenhagen, Florence, Lisbon, Valletta – 80

  12. Athens, Paris – 79 percent

  13. Dubrovnik – 77 percent

  14. Dublin – 76 percent

  15. Brussels, Milan – 73 percent

  16. Split – 72 percent

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