Donald Tusk boasts of 100,000 subscribers. Internet users are asking about 100 specifics for 100 days of the government

Donald Tusk boasts of 100,000  subscribers.  Internet users are asking about 100 specifics for 100 days of the government

Donald Tusk posted a video with a silver YouTube button for PLN 100,000. subscribers. Some used this opportunity to remind him of his election promise.

Donald Tusk boasted about a silver button worth PLN 100,000 on social media. subscribers.

The Prime Minister added a fragment of the reality show The Kardashians to the recording. It's about the moment when Kris Jenner gives her family a tour of her $20 million home, which is her birthday present. At one point, Kris shows her close friend Faye Resnick the room where she collects dinner sets. Then the following sentences are exchanged: – Perfect. “Oh my God, Kris,” Faye says. – I know, it's my dream – Kris replies. The fragment went viral on the Internet.

Donald Tusk active on social media

Tusk currently has 111,000 followers on YouTube. subscribers. His account was created on December 3, 2021. The Prime Minister has since posted 423 videos that have been viewed 47,852,742 times.

Most Internet users congratulated Tusk on his achievement, but there were also those who took advantage of the situation to accuse the head of government of failing to fulfill his promise from the campaign before the parliamentary elections regarding 100 specific details in 100 days of government.

The Silver Button rewards YouTube creators to “recognize their efforts to grow their channels and responsibly build a vibrant community.” To be eligible to receive a reward, you must meet the eligibility criteria and follow the rules. The silver button is awarded for 100,000. subscribers, gold for one million, diamond for 10 million, and red diamond for 100 million subscribers.

Silver button from YouTube. What needs to be done?

It is also necessary to meet other rules. The channel must be active, which means that content has been uploaded to it in the last six months. You must not have active Community Guidelines strikes or have received any strikes in the last year. You must comply with YouTube's terms of service and your account cannot be suspended from the YouTube Partner Program.

A channel cannot be closed or linked to an account that has been closed. It must also not contain content that is misleading, spam or an attempt at fraud. Main materials must be original. Channels that primarily publish compilations, mixes and curated content, as well as channels that heavily use content or characters that are copyrighted by others, may not be eligible.

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