Donald Trump's trial postponed indefinitely. The judge's decision is polarizing

Donald Trump's trial postponed indefinitely.  The judge's decision is polarizing

Donald Trump's trial for hiding secret documents from the authorities has been postponed. Due to the fact that a new date has not been set, it is not known whether the hearings will take place before the presidential elections.

Federal judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed Donald Trump's trial for illegally hiding top secret documents at his estate. The first hearing was scheduled for May 20, but was canceled with the consent of both the prosecutor's office and the defense.

Donald Trump's trial has been postponed

Due to the failure to set a new date for the start of the trial, Cannon's decision was met with criticism. Some people fear that Trump will not face justice until the November US presidential elections, which will make it easier for him to run and then return to the position of head of state.

An April Ipsos poll for Reuters showed that almost one in four Republican Party supporters would not vote for Trump if he had previously been convicted in a criminal case. However, the judge explained that giving a specific date would be “imprudent” at this time because pre-trial hearings will not end until the second half of July. Nevertheless, she asked the parties to the proceedings to propose dates convenient for them.

Attorneys delay hearings

Jack Smith, special prosecutor and prosecutor in the case, said the first hearing should take place immediately after the hearings end, in July. Representatives of the former US president, in turn, proposed that the process should start only after the elections. However, in response to Cannon's order, they stated that the August 12 deadline suited them.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges related to violating the Espionage Act by withholding top secret documents, obstructing justice and making false statements. His attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case, and after two failed attempts, they began working to delay all of the former president's trials.

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